1. Suspect

    Part number help please. Coolant/heater pipe.

    Hi guys, Need a bit of help please. Need a part number for a coolent hose which runs from the water pump to the heater via a metal reducer. the pipe is located above the oil filter. So if someone can jump on nissan fast and help he out that would be great. cheers :thumbs:
  2. N

    battery light stays on

    wel lads im after buyin an s15 but the battery light stays on whilst I drive??? does this mean i need to replace the battery or what?? she was jump started when i got her but she seems to start everytime but the light stays on!
  3. A

    s15 wont start...help

    Hey guys, yesterday evening after washing my car i tried strating it but when the key turned the annunciator lights just dim and a click sound comes without the engine starting. I assumed i had a dead battery so i proceeded to change the thing but now after connecting the terminals the car just...
  4. Nicely

    Loose and twitchy suspension

    I've notice over the last couple of days that my suspension hasn't felt right. I thought at first that my tyres were down, but they were fine. They've got plenty of rubber too. This morning its much more noticable. The car feels wallowy and twitchy. It feels as though the back end is going to...