1. Jordan

    Big brake advice needed

    Ok so I currently have R32 GTR front calipers and discs (nissan calipers as Bremo's werent until the R33) I have seen a set of these D2 8 pots on ebay for £900 quid, and k-sport for around the same price. My questions are: 1). Is it worth upgrading from what i've got? I believe your braking...
  2. dave_t

    K-Sport 330mm Discs Refinishing (Skimming)

    Since i fitted my K-Sport 330mm Brake kit iv'e had some vibration under light braking. plant your foot down hard and it doesn't seem to vibrate much at all, IF at all. Now in my experience, that could only mean the discs are warped. what other reason could it be :confused: Seeing as i'm not...
  3. Fasthands

    FS: Willwood 4pot 320mm rear brake kit.

    Hi folk's I will soon have available the Willwood 4 pot 300mm rear brake kit from my S15. I have managed to get a whole R33 rear hub,hanger,bla bla for my car and am going to fit K-sport kit to the rear so it matches my fronts. the kit has only been on two months ish and covered about 2k miles...
  4. C

    Z32 bmc

    What difference does fitting a Z32 BMC actually make? At the moment my brakes are really sharp (K-Sport 8 pot fronts and standard rears) and the brake pedal hardly moves when I apply the brakes. I am fitting the K-Sport rear setup very soon too though, hence this question. Would the Z32 BMC...
  5. M

    Big Brake Kit - K-Sport

    Hey guys. I'm looking for some feedback for the K-Sport brakes, if you have experience with them I would really appreciate some insight to their performance and reliability. I know a lot you UK guys use them both in race and drift cars, read mostly good things about them. If these guys are...
  6. Benne

    Hello from Germany

    Hi there! In November a dream came true! I bought a S15 Spec-R from Sabeimports.com. It´s a 2001 with HICAS, Nismo Swaybars, Nismo/Impul Exhaust und Impul Wheels. There´s still some work to do before the car will see the Nürburgring in March or April 2009. Here´s a pic, now lowered with a...
  7. P

    cut that out!!!!

    Now that the 18's are on the brakes look very small. so i might up grade the brake have been toying with r33/r34 gtsT front brakes or maybe if i am willing to save the extra cash a set of K-sport 6 pot big disc kit but will fitting either mean i lose the abs?:eek: has anybody fitted the k sports?