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    Spark Plug Gaps

    I have searched the site but no conclusive answer. What I would like to know is what gap should I be running, the car is at 1.15bar and has been mapped. I currently have a gap of .75 (as they came) but have heard/read that .9 (nissan standard?) and even 1.00 should be used. I am using NGK...
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    Radiator Cowling

    I broke mine while taking the rad out to replace with an upgraded one and my mechanic says that I should have one on as it helps with the cooling. I never had any problems through the summer with it off and now that its cold the temp stays around the same. Any thoughts? Ta, Keith
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    Upgraded Downpipe

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get the above (if they make them. Its the pipe that comes from the turbo elbow to the cat. Is it larger in diameter? Any helps, thanks. Keith
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    Just thought I would share my joy after puling my finger out of my chocolate starfish and running some metal polish over my headlights. WOW what a difference, 10 mins and it looks like a new set of lights. Sorry for a waste of a post but I'm feeling chuffed and as I got the info on how to...
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    Rear Brake Pads

    Hi, I am looking to get some pads from Halfrauds and I want to check if the S15 rear pads are the same as the UK 200SX or if I have to order pads especially. Thanks, Keith
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    Rear screen washer

    Hi, I dont seem to be able to get any fluid through my rear washer. Is it fed from the front? Info on how it works would help as its due for an MOT next week. Thanks, Keith
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    WTB: Bonnet/Hood underside cover

    All cars I have had came with a black fiberglas type material attached to the underside (in engine bay) except my S15. Any ideas where I can get one? Thanks, Keith
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    S14 Exhaust same?

    I've seen a blitz SS system advertised for an S14. Its a cat back, would it fit my S15? Thanks, Keith
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    Plugs and Oil Filter

    Hi, I want to get the above for my S15 Spec R, but wondered if I could go into halfrauds and get them. I have done a quick search on the forum but as I'm at work I'mlimited to time on the net (when boss is not watching). Any help would be great. Keith
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    HICAS - what is it?

    I have the above on my car and from my understanding it helps with steering. Is this right and is it any good to have on the car? Cheers, Keith
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    I've just got my car taxed and was chocked when the guy asked for ?300 for the year. He said it was due to emissions. Can someone confirm if this is the right for UK. Thanks, Keith
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    Hi, some help please

    Hi, I am about to get a 99 sylvia spec r and I'm excited. Is there anywhere I can find out what the limits are for the engine and box etc and what standard figures are. Cheers and great site. Keith