1. Fruitbooter

    FS: Kenwood Double-din CD player

    Its a Kenwood DPX-400 Its in fab condition and produces great sound quality on my standard speakers. Looking for £60 posted. Help a poor guy out :D
  2. Nickichi

    Nickichi's s15

    Finally picked the car up Saturday ( been waiting like 2 weeks thanks to dvla :mad: ) really happy with it :D. A few little gremlins in the electrics but the dealer can sort that out. Original pictures of my S15 before any modifications I'll defiantly be changing the radio in a...
  3. Yellow Peril

    Lightning Yellow S15

    Just a quick pic of her today How she looked before: Updated spec: Body: Vertex kit – Front,Rear Bumpers, side skirts, wider wings Ganador mirrors Flushed Bootlid Rolled arches Yashio factory rear lights Nismo clear side repeaters Tinted windows Mf de-wiper conversion...
  4. T

    What is my stereo setup?

    I'm going to be really vague here so apologies but at the mo I have a single DIN kenwood unit that has been fit over in the UK from what I know. When I bought the car I was given the "original" which was a kenwood double DIN unit with a mini disc slot but I have a couple of questions... The...
  5. S

    My ichi-go

    Right i decided that its about time i got this thread on the go, its been over 6 months since i got the car :o So id like to introduce "The 15" to you all as she was when i got her:wave: Spec List When New: Engine: Unknown exhaust system Interior: Kenwood Dpx-7000md Headunit Kenwood...
  6. kimi

    head unit choices

    Need your opinion please guys, i've uprated my speakers to infinitys and i'm now looking at a new headunit, as the 1 in my car is a crappy panasonic. i've got my eye on a kenwood or clarion ...what do you guys recommend ? everyone keeps telling me to get alpine,i know they are good but look a...