1. JaseYpk

    Adjust ABS sensitivity?

    My ABS kicks in too early in my opinion. Is there any way to adjust it slightly so it kicks in a little later? I've got R33 brakes all round, with the S15 BMC, and the front to rear bias is perfect, again in my opinion. If i'm heavily braking to slow down, (not slamming on, just heavy braking)...
  2. C

    Electric rad fan

    Is there any way of altering the temp at which the elec rad fan kicks in without geting a seperate fan controller? It normally kicks in at 95C and off at 90C. Cheers :)
  3. G

    Speedo problems kind of

    hey, does anyone that has an external speedo aswell as the one on the dash notice a difference between them? my car is limited to 180k but the speedo on the dash goes well past the 180 mark before the limiter kicks in. the external speedo i have on the dash reads 179/180/181 when the lim iter...
  4. M

    Bigger alternator or bigger battery?

    Hi all, I've fitted a larger electric fan for my intercooler project, it works well but the problem is that it draws around 20 amps at max load. This seems to place some load on my car's charging system, with lights dimming momentarily when the fan kicks in. I measured across the batt...