1. Ajbulger

    Turn ignition and power cuts off and stays dead for 5 minutes

    Hey guys got a Clifford alarm and remote start system and its never missed a beat twice last week when Puting the key in to start the car all the electrics kill and takes 5 minutes to have a go this morning however it made a wearing sound then a pop and completely went any help?
  2. shark79

    FS: Nismo kill switch fashion lighter (rare)

    I have a rare nismo kill switch fashion lighter for sale gbp95 inclusive of postage paypal fees by buyer will post up pics later
  3. Havoc

    Help with Fitting a new clutch

    Unfortunatly my clutch went so i had to order a new one. I ordered an exeedy organic but apon ordering it i was informed that if i dont get a new flywheel i will have to get the old one shimmed befor fitting it or it will just kill of my new one? Is this correct or can anyone shed any light on...
  4. M

    if you're bored... need to kill few minutes?

    awes little game..
  5. E

    Does anyone have any self control they could lend me...

    Just had a brief email discussion with my engine part supplier in Oz and he's come up with a suggestion of doing an SR24DET with 3071 turbo... Of course this is madness and she who must be obeyed will kill me.... so why does my finger keep hovering over the keys Y E and S.... please lend me...