1. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Service recommendations

    Ok so my car was last serviced at 149,000kms its not at 160,000 its really due for a service but I have no money to get a proper service so I would like to do it my self. Just wondering what things I need to do at that amount of kms?
  2. DarioG

    FS: S15 for sale (Black)

    DESCRIPTION: Nissan Silvia S15 Spec S Black (1999) 2.0ltr SR20DE 5-speed manual ABS, EW, Elect folding mirrors, Climate Control Currently 160k kms Serviced at 10k kms Intervals. Extras Nismo cat back exhaust Nissan R34 GTR Wheels 18" x 9" Nismo Sports suspension system Car is...
  3. Fruitbooter

    For those that have converted kmh to mph speedo

    Realised last night that the last MOT i told them the wrong mileage! Doh! What I did was get them to convert the total number on the clocks to miles as I told them it was in km's... What I should have done was use the number of km's at the point the car was picked up. Then it was converted to...
  4. B

    i think im gonna buy this....what u think?

    Hi guys, i went up and looked at this 2002 spec r yesterday! Took some pics, just wanted to see what ye think! Its only got 64000 kms. Needs a serious valet but apart from that its mint! Completely standard apart from the wheels and a bride drivers seat.
  5. slammedmind

    FS: s15 T28r turbo

    Selling my turbo off the s15 as ive gone hks, its a t28r off a 2002 s15 spec-r 25k kms on the turbo. 400 ono thanks Rob
  6. A

    S15 warm up

    Hey ppl. How long does your s15 take to warm up? Mine seems to warm up really quickly. Like... start car... drive (take it real easy) for about 4-5 kms doing roughly 60km/h and by the end of 5 kms or so... the temp gauge is right in the middle. Also... on any day hotter than 30 degrees... the...
  7. T

    resetting mileage on clocks

    Hi guys, does anybody know who can reset the S15 clocks to miles from km's? i've got 45k kms on the clock and now that its running mph i'd like it converted to show true mileage yknow :)