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    S15 on ebay, Anyones on here ?

    As above, would be interested to kno more if its anyone on here
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    lower balljoints

    hows it going can somebosy provide me with part numbers for the two lower ball joints on the front of the s15? also does anybody kno if s14 ones are they same? cheers dave
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    New Guy, Needs a question answered

    hi ppl, s15 owners n lovers, i came 2 this site thru sxoc, i'v wanted a s15/s14 for a while but i kno s15s dont com cheep, i wanna kno wots d best n cheepest way of gettin myself a s15, i dnt wanna spend over ?7000,cos i gotta thnk about d insurance 2. i got m8s wiv rx7s n supras dat they...