1. S

    Turbo Lag - how big an issue?

    Hi all, doing my research on S15's still before buying one and im now wondering what the turbo lag is typically like? If/when i get one I would want to be able to drive off-boost up to say 3500rpm (not sure what the stock lower limit is) for my daily commute but then engage the turbo after that...
  2. S

    Reduce turbo lag or get a smaller turbo?

    I've got my S15 up for sale and have had some viewings. The downfall so far is the turbo lag. I currently have a PTE 5858SP which going off what I've read online falls between a GT3076R and a GT3582R in the Garrett family. The boost doesn't kick in till about 4k rpms. Everyone that's driven it...
  3. crazymat666

    Lag or??

    So if I put my foot down slowly it pulls fine but if I go straight down it still goes along but takes a while for the turbo to come in. I'm guessing this is lag? Running around 14 psi and have a big intercooler and hard pipe kit. Am I right? Oh also the turbo is basically a few months old so...
  4. crazymat666

    silvia playing up a little :(

    hi started doing this lately but when your driving along just before it comes on boost it sorry hits a flat spot and then all of a sudden it will kick in like something has gone into the back of you does this in every gear pretty much ino its not lag its more sort of like it doesnt want to come...
  5. D

    boost lag - causes?

    Hi Guys I've got some pretty crappy turbo lag on the stock T28. I don't hit solid boost until a little over 4200RPM (have an MBC set to approx 1bar) and it doesn't spool 'properly' until about 3500. I've looked down on occasion and seen it at 5,000RPM as 1bar is achieved. I've tightened...
  6. M

    Injector Lag Value

    Ok Ive (With help from Barky, or rather Barky with help from me. :notworthy: ) have just fitted my 740 injectors and I have one question. The PFC injector size has been changed using the calc old size/new size * 100, but Im not sure what lag value to use. Ive pulled a figure of 0.08 for the...