1. B

    What are these lambda sensors like?

    So I've been having issues with the car running a bit rough lately and after noticing this morning that she drank a lot of petrol on a relatively short drive I've come to the conclusion that it must be the Lambda. I will of course comfirm this before I purchase a new one but can anyone tell me...
  2. Max

    What Wideband?

    Hi ladies and gents Looking to fit a wideband this month onto my sports cat. I like the look of the AEM one because of the price and simplicity
  3. paddyb01

    lambda sensor plug help

    Need some help with this one:rotfl: The plug on my lambda sensor was all raped up with tape,took it all off only to find the casing of the plug broken, still plugs in grand just now i cant tell if its the wrong or rite way in and there's no plastic tabs to show witch way it plugs together if...
  4. adz87kc

    Broken o2 sensor?

    Hey, last month i had my car re mapped and ever since then its been running rather rich from idle and throughout the entire rev range whether on boost or not. I ws told at the time my lambda sensor was 'dead' however i just plugged my laptop into the consult port and the sensor is giving a...
  5. D

    lambda sensors/rough idle

    are the universal ones any good? getting rough idle and overfueling once warm and when you unplug the lambda it starts running better. Anyone any ideas
  6. D

    WTB: lambda sensor s15

    mines faulty so if anyone has anything give me a shout
  7. the doctor

    lamda sensor

    hey my lambda sensor was recently broken. but I also read that you can replace the lamda for a wideband sensor and analog signal wire to the standard ECU. This should also work, and so should not drill anny holes in my new downpipe. and I save money for not needing the new standard lambda...
  8. G

    Fix High Emissions

    I failed at emissions today. The figures were throught the roof. I then removed the cables from the battery and pushed the lambda plug into its socket. It seemed a bit out. I also replaced the plugs with Brpc6es. (not 100% sure hey vwere called exaclty that) I then checked the readings again...
  9. xlr8

    S15 emmisions

    wondering has anyone got any ideas on how to help me with getting it through an nct.failing on emmisions and the lambda reading.ive changed the catylst twice and used two working lambda sensors also.again today failed on running a hks f con gold ecu piggybacked(fuel and ignition timing...
  10. C

    Spec S Lambda sensor.

    I pluged my Spec S Consult plug in to my laptop with ECU talk, and noticed the lambda sensor voltage is all over the place. Does this point to a failed lambda sensor and if so where's the best place to buy one? I have noticed mine is different to the spec R lambda as mine has red, white and...
  11. A


    Alright all, My car has developed a misfire over the past week or so, its only at idle and off boost less than 2000rpm.. Still pulls fine on boost with no probs :nod: Thought at first it was the coilpacks but thanks to LKDrifter for letting me borrow one i have now ruled that out (thanks...
  12. S

    where to get a oxygen lambda senser?

    i need to buy a new lambda oxygen senser because i failed the nct on emissions:( ..anyone have any links that could help me?
  13. M


    Just got a de-cat for my S15,its a made up one and dosn't have section for the lambda sensor! Ppl have told me I wont need it put back in,:confused: is this true and will it affect the running of the car if I dont use it!!?? Cheers Mark.
  14. Nicely

    Cheap Lambda Sensors

    Universal 3 wire jobbies. ?30 delivered :)
  15. A

    Power FC D'Jetro and lambda???

    What we have: new exhaust w/o enter for stock lambda apexi power fc d'jetro So.... Do I need to make the enter for stock lambda? Or D'jetro doesn't need it???
  16. Yakozan

    lambda nut

    What nut do I need for the lamda in the downpipe? I think the S13 has M18 by 1.5 pitch nut. Is the S14/15 the same? Also in FAST there seems to be an adapter on the lambda sensor :confused: