1. meddler


    Guys and girls, I would just like to remind everyone that the forum relies on donations to keep it going. I know that for most of you money is tight, but if you really enjoy coming here and find that it is an invaluable resource, please help. In the past Nicely has worn the cost if there...
  2. D

    FS: S15 Headlights!

    Hey, I have various sets that I toyed with before gettign a brand new set, and paying all that money :O Just looking to get back as much as I can for them :) First up is a genuine light, in used condition. Driver's side only (O/s) £140 Next I have a BRAND NEW set of the black style ones. I...
  3. P

    WTB: Help im stuck in california!!!!!!

    Apperently it is absolutly impossibe to find a S15 windshield here :) does anyone have one for sale or know where to buy one or if you have the part number, or is there another model that will fot. also needed gas door oem or what ever anylinks? lastly A piller interior plastic on the driver...
  4. S

    S15 Coilovers - Need Reviews

    to all felllow S15 owners just wanted to ask the following question: Which brand/model you using and whats the spring rate front and rear? How do you find it on the road/bumpy/harsh? Do you track it and how do you find it on the track? Lastly it be great if someone is using HKS HiperMAX II and...