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    Meet: late Summer Essex Meet?

    i think we agreed we'd do another meet late summer.....?
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    Aussie New Member

    Hi Guys, Just joined this morning. I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I'm a retired Mechanical Engineer. Probably the oldest member you have at 67 years of, not decrepit, still very young at heart...:) I've been a car nut all my life and purchased my S15 200SX brand new in August 2002...
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    I am the Infidel

    Hello all, I am the Infidel and a proud owner of a Late 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R. I know its a late model cause its got the HID's. This is my first turbo car. Car laws in Australia are rather tough. I have owned a Honda Civic EG Breeze, Honda Civic FD2 Sport and a Honda Integra DC5 Type...
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    Here is A late Introduction of myself :)

    Hello I'm Ross :thumbs: