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Hi Guys,
Just joined this morning. I live in Adelaide, South Australia.
I'm a retired Mechanical Engineer.
Probably the oldest member you have at 67 years of age...no, not decrepit, still very young at heart...:)
I've been a car nut all my life and purchased my S15 200SX brand new in August 2002 as a retirement present to myself.
It's one of the very last off the line with a build date of July 2002.
Nissan Australia told me they sold 3818 S15s here, the number on mine is 3821 so must be pretty late arrival...
Apart from induction and exhaust it's totally stock ( the way I want to keep it) and has only done 46,000 kilometers (28,500 miles)...still looks new.
I'm also a member of the Sporting Car Club Of South Australia and do a lot of motor sport photography for same.


Sounds like one of the best kept S15s around! Pics would be great. Welcome :)

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I reckon it might be, saw one advertised recently that only has about 4,000ks on it but it's only ever been a show car and never driven on the road...doesn't know what he's missing...;)
Thanks for the welcome Jamie...