1. markmcrae1987

    Introducing myself and my car

    Whats up guys. Looking forward to a vast wealth of knowledge at my fingertips ready to learn. That's what life is all about :wave: Heres my S15:
  2. W

    New from ireland (dublin) Hello everyone..

    Hi im craig im from dublin im just after getting a s15 in the past month... Had a s14 for a few months but nothing compared to the s15. Dont no much about these cars but will be hoping to learn more as i go along. Heres a picture of the car if it uploads.
  3. jinli

    Newbie here

    A member of sxoc but was recently referred here by s15_sam cause I'm mainly after the S15! Hello to you all, I hope I learn a lot from you guys. Let the hunting begin! :nod:
  4. L

    New to the s15, not S-chassis.

    Hello all. I live in Japan with the US military and just traded my 1989 s13 silvia for a 2000 Spec S with a s13 SR20det. I'm hoping to learn more about the car and enjoy it as much as possible since it's the newest car I have ever owned haha. Pics coming soon!
  5. Spec-R


    Hello! My name is Chris and i live in Norway. Some months ago i bought my "dream"-car, an S15 Spec-R Aero 2002. I was quite happy because they're so strict with car registration here. There is only two s15 on legale road-plates in Norway! And now one of them is mine. ^^, I hope to learn much...
  6. C

    WTB: Broken 6 speed gearbox

    Internal condition is not a big worry as long as the casing is good. Looking for a complete and assembled box as I want to learn a bit while dismantling and rebuild with an aftermarket gearset. :)
  7. crazymat666

    need to find and clean idle control valve.a lil help plz :)

    my car idles a little funny when warm and instead of taking it 3hours away to get it done on warranty id rather do it myself and learn etc etc. all i need to know is where abouts its too and a few do's and dont's :) and pics would be great help too :) cheers :)
  8. G


    Hello, Im Gill, I come from Southampton! I dont have a Silvia but I hope to one day, I have been watching one on ebay forever just because I like to dream! I currently own a skyline, if I could Id get a Silvia too but don't think I can stretch to two cars! Looking to learn lots about this...
  9. C

    Newbie from M'sia

    Hi Guys, Just got hold of an S15 yesterday '01 Spec R. Would love to learn things from the experts here. Cynicks from Malaysia
  10. subzero

    HDR Images

    Your HDR Images Trying to learn a few techniques with the new camera .... heres my first attempt any1 got a few cool 1s ??
  11. Yakozan

    200SX Owners Group Sweden

    Swedish 200SX owners group website. www.200sx.nu Good to visit if you care to learn the next world language (Swedish) :D
  12. G

    hello from down under

    Hi everyone, my name is sonny and I'm from tasmania, Australia. I don't have a S15 yet but I have been saving up for one so it shouldn't be too far away. Would love to get to know hopefully most of you on here and also learn something as well along the way. At the moment I drive a ford laser but...
  13. J


    Hey guys :wave: , I'm from Malaysia and i've recently got myself an '02 Spec R after selling off my 99' Altezza RS200. The car is pretty much stock now, leaving me plenty of 'room' to work on it.. Hope to learn a thing or two from u guys.. Here are them pics when i was in the midst of...
  14. D


    Well wat can i say apart from awesome. Finally picked it up yesterday and i'm speachless totally. Wat a thrill and buzz, truly awesome. Stands out from the crowd and just drives like a dream with power to spare Gunna have to go to a track day to learn how to control the beast :D , lost the...