1. LeeSpecR

    Meet: Beaconsfield services driftworks meet

    This is just a heads up.. i went to this meet last night was a 'drift works' meet but welcomed anyone along.was a good evening and a good turn out..even though it was freezing! Everyone was friendly,there was no silly driving (one or two but it was a metro and m5 driver) fair bit of space to...
  2. L

    Nissan Storage Facility

    Hi guys, Just spotted this on the MKIV Supra Owners Club, no S15's but thought it might still be of interest. Lee.
  3. L

    New Member From Leeds

    Hello people! I am currently a Toyota Supra N/A Aerotop owner looking to sell up and get myself an S15. Think it will be a while before im in an S15 but I have joined the club so I can gain as much info as possible before I buy, and then hopefully contribute to the club when I get my own...
  4. S

    hi im new!

    Hi every one! im lee,im 20 and am looking to upgrade to a s15 spec-r,i currently own a toyota starlet gt turbo ive had the car a yr and done a few bits to it and now its time to sell up and move on to a much better car !! i thought i would join to gain that little bit more info on the car and...
  5. L

    S15 Equipment

    Hi all i'm getting a S15 soon :D i'm upgrading from a S14 :) i was wondering what equipment you get as standard on the S15 spec-r Thanks Lee