1. J

    FS: Rays LMGT4 17x8.5/17x9

  2. O

    WTB: Rear left light

    Hello! I would like to buy stock rear left (passenger side) light for S15. It needs to be posted, because I am from outside UK and I can't pick it up by myself. It would be best if you will be willing to post it abroad, but If for some reason you don't want to post abroad I can arrange a...
  3. Hairy Fish Nipples

    FS: 2002 Silvia bits left

    Hi all, Just to give you the heads up, there are pictures of ecvery thing that is left on the S15 on ebay. check: Nissan Silvia S15 2002 JDM IMPORT - Breaking remaining parts (nut) bits which are gone from pictures: Centre console radio surround side skirts spoiler both external looms...
  4. K

    WTB: S15 Stock front fenders Right and left

    Title says all need them both right and left send me please message Payment via paypal only
  5. Blizz884

    Car pulling left. Please help

    Hello everyone. Ive got my S15 just a few days ago and noticed that car is pulling slightly to the left. Traction was done a two days ago and this problem is still there.... When i straightne up steering wheel and let go of it (even standstill on iddle) vibrations turn steering to the left a few...
  6. ArTo

    FS: Carbon Fibre Trunk + Ducktail, Side Skirts, Carbon Wind Splitter, Left Front Fender

    Hey, some stuff need to go: Carbon Fibre Trunk with special made FRP Ducktail and a layer carbon fibre, nearly new - 650 € Dropbox - IMAG4345.jpg Dropbox - IMAG4344.jpg Dropbox - IMAG4343.jpg Dropbox - IMAG4342.jpg Dropbox - IMAG4341.jpg URAS Side Skirts used - 150 €...
  7. K

    FS: 255lph fuel pump (new) £50

    Still brand new in box, left over after selling the S15 :(
  8. D

    WTB: Spec R shift boot/ trim

    Hey guys I am looking for a spec r shift boot/ trim piece. Anyone who got a neat one left?
  9. I

    WTB: [wanted] S15 Front end parts

    Edit : sorry, wrong category, I can't find how to delete it... Hi ! I just met a rail during a track day, and I need a few parts for the front end of my S15 :D Basically, I need : - Front bumper (standard or Aero, let's dream :D ) - bumper center and retainer (62022 and 62242) - support...
  10. Parky

    FS: (SSR) Koeing Monster 18x9/10 with tyres

    These won't work on my new car so up for sale they go. Koenig Monster 18x9 and 18x10, ET22 all round. PCD 5x114.3. I bought these from JDM Distro and they came into the country a year ago. Not mega low offsets but they do have plenty of dish due to the low disk. Straight and true, they have...
  11. L

    FS: Few parts for sale: work emotion, spoiler etc

    Hi guys, Picked my s15 up from torque gt yesterday so I've swapped everything out today with what i'd already bought. For sale I've got Works bell quick release steering boss, cones with all parts pictured excluding nardi wheel. It's small so I don't mind posting this part. £150 posted in UK...
  12. Hairy Fish Nipples

    Fixed Sat Nav and Audio.

    Hi Ladies and Gents, I am just wanting to replace my head unit with a fixed Sat Nav/Audio system. I was looking at the below from Car Audio Centre: Kenwood DNX-4250BT 6.1" touch screen AV navigation unit with built in bluetooth The reason for this choice is because i need an Android...
  13. Johnny

    WTB: WTB Sideskirt spec R Left side

    WTB left sideskirt spec R
  14. A

    clunk from the left rear

    Recently I started to notice sometimes when I take a left turn or exit a roundabout it sounds like something is tapping the body in the left hand rear of the car loud enough that I can hear it over the exhaust but not really loud At first I thought it was the jack tapping onto the rear quarter...
  15. C

    Drivers arch liner rubbing...

    So I fitted DW CS1's couple of days ago and the height came in a little lower than it was before but that was cool so I left it. There was a little rubbing on the drivers liner on hard left turns with bumps. It got worse though, now it rubs on bumps in a straight line and all the time when...
  16. L

    Where can i buy an S15 original Rear left Fender

    Hello, guys. I just have one question for the moment, Where can i buy an S15 original Rear left Fender?? I ve been looking through ebay but the one that i found says "DMAX 99-02 Nissan 200SX S15 Silvia Left LH Rear Fender Quarter Panel 30mm Wide" which i guess is not exactly the original one. as...
  17. D

    WTB: S15 Catback 3''

    Hey guys, I am looking for a reasonable priced 3'' catback for my S15 but can't find any. I have tried a S14 catback but this won't fit at all. So does anyone has one left in his garage/ shed? Please let me know! Cheers.
  18. R

    WTB: Nismo fuel cap cover

    Not picky on which cover, as long as it fits. :) I was a idiot and left mine at the fuel station :cry:
  19. J

    WTB: OEM Left side Front Protector

    Hello, I need for my Silvia the OEM Left Side Front Protector. Picture:http://www.rhdjapan.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/5e06319eda06f020e43594a9c230972d/60198/Image/Normal/Image1.jpg
  20. Miss S15

    Front left Valance Needed.

    Hi guys, Just wondering if any of you would know where I would get a front left valance and the whole front structural parts for an s15,Would be great if I could get them in Ireland but if I need to go to the Uk for it I dont mind. Or if any of the irish members know of any silvia been broken...