1. Parky

    Very noddy oil level question

    Question is; oil level is just on the L on the dipstick. How much oil do I need to put in to fill it up to the H mark? Don't want to overfill it is all!
  2. DeanS15

    FS: fuel level sender, fuel pump cradle and pump

    for whatever they cost to post, someone can have these rather than me throw them away... if you need the let me know as i wont be holding on to them for long :)
  3. S

    WTB: Eye Level Brake light needed

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has or knows of a place to get a Eye Level Brake light for an s15, (Brake Light that sits on the parcel shelf) I need one to pass RWC >.< Thanks, -Skribble
  4. C

    HKS GT Actuator Kit for S14/S15 Silvia/200SX

    HKS' new style GT Actuator is now available to fit Nissan Silvia (200SX) S14/S15 with SR20DET engines. GT Actuator for SILVIA S14 & S15. It can be the first step of boost up without installation of EVC. It enables easy and affordable boost up. Features ①Boost up without installation of...
  5. seilow

    bi level door motor

    hi there someone know the reference number about the bi level door motor ? because mine is broken :-( many thanks
  6. G

    Power FC Knock Level

    For those with Apex-i Power FC, the instruction manual says : "There is no value to the Knock Level. Please be aware that "0" may not be the only value when the vehicle is not detonating. There is no Knock retard system within the Power FC". How is it that some people reported thay can read...
  7. subzero

    headlight level adjust??

    failed my nct (irish car text) for dimmed beam being too high, remember reading a thread here on adjusting the level of the beam but cant for the hell of me find it. just dont want to be breaking something while messing with the light.
  8. LuPix_S15

    Anyone looking for a white Spec-R Aero?

    Looks like Mike and the guys down at Torque GT have already found another nice example... http://www.torque-imports.co.uk/cardetails.php?c=47 Personally, I don't really like the high level Nismo spoiler but the rest looks really tidy. Light mods as well so a good base for it's next owner.
  9. E

    Burning Engine Oil

    Hi all, I have a 99 Spec R and my engine seems to be having the problem of burning (vapourize) engine oil for the past 6 months. Currently, after engine oil change (synthetic), I can only drive for around 1500KM before most of the oil turn dark and come to the low level on the dip stick...
  10. sushiming

    Spark plugs what u use and what level?

    hey guys gonna be geting some new spark plugs just wonder what you guys been using and whats the best to buy...? what level should I be getting aswell??
  11. Nicely

    Two Level Boost

    I've posted this in several places, but still can't establish the problem... Don't know if anyone else has this happen... I appear to get two levels of boost when me foot is to the floor. I get a nice level amount of boost up to about 4500 rpm, then it suddenly leaps up to a more unpredictable...