1. S

    ABS problem

    when hard braking the brake peddle becomes really soft as if abs is about to engage but then the wheels lock up like abs doesnt even exist. i have no abs light, not sure if the bulb has been removed or is blown.
  2. C

    Weird issues with my 15

    The car sat for a long time. I started to get it up and going again and it wouldn't start. It wanst getting fuel to the rail. I changed the pump and it's getting fuel to the rail but still wont start. But before I go to crank it over this happens The engine light blinks really fast and...
  3. mixvariety

    WTB: S15 non-aero fog light grilles

    As above, looking for a pair of fog light grilles (the ones to go with fog lights ideally, but will consider blanks), for the non aero spec bumper. Thanks!
  4. M

    Interior Lights & Chimes Issue

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this issue i'm currently having. The interior lights and warning chimes in my car are playing up on my car and i want to try and fix them. The warning chime (when door is open & lights are on) is very faint and sounds weak and is...
  5. R

    WTB: Aero Bumper

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for an aero bumper, colour doesnt matter but should be with fog light holders, i know its very rare but maybe someone has one ;)
  6. R

    WTB: Aero bumper with fog light holders and surroundings

    Hey guys, Im looking for an aero bumper with fog light stuff, if someone has one or knows where i can geht one that would be awesome :)
  7. O

    WTB: Rear left light

    Hello! I would like to buy stock rear left (passenger side) light for S15. It needs to be posted, because I am from outside UK and I can't pick it up by myself. It would be best if you will be willing to post it abroad, but If for some reason you don't want to post abroad I can arrange a...
  8. H

    Fuel pump issue

    Looking for some advice. I changed the fuel pump a couple of months back. Ever since then the pump can’t supply fuel the the engine when the gauge shows 1/8th on the fuel gauge. No fuel light shows. Before I changed the pump I could drive till empty and the fuel light would show at around 1/8 on...
  9. L

    Random Engine Cut Out

    This only started to happen recently. Basically it seems after a random bout of spirited driving when I come to a slow down or a stop the engine will suddenly cut out. It doesn't jerk or anything like when you stall a car. The battery light comes on, and engine light and obvs the steering gets...
  10. A

    Battery light came on.

    the battery light came on while I was driving, I take it this probably means the alternator!? Anyone know a decent place that sells them?
  11. Saxon

    WTB: Fog Light Grilles

    Hi everyone, Looking for a pair of grilles to go with the fog lights for the non-aero bumper. Cheers!
  12. S

    WTB: wanted - Rear number plate light and mounting bracket

    Any one got a rear number plate light assembly and bracket? mines looking worst for wear at the minute.
  13. B

    Electric Window/Folding Mirror Switch SHOULD IT LIGHT UP ?

    Hi have looked through many pages of the Electrical Section but cant find a answer, apologies if its been covered already been trying to sort out all the illumination on the inside of the car, Instrument cluster, climate control unit & lighter surround are sorted, are the switches in the...
  14. L

    GReddy oil filter relocation kit leaking..

    Anybody had there's leaking. Was thinking of taking it apart and applying some PTFE tape on the threads but it doesn't seam to be leaking from there but more like the blue anodised male connectors seal. Anybody shed some light on this? Thanks
  15. R

    FS: 17" wheels 9kg a corner

    These are the oem 17x9 front 9.5rear (i think) wheels for my Nissan Skyline 350GT Apparently they weigh 20lbs (without tyres) which is 9.072kg As you'll see from pics 2have some light curbing and others look fine. Tyres will probably need changing though! £70 I'm not offering to post but if...
  16. Lil SpecR

    Instrument cluster illumination query?? Photo request??

    Hi all! When I picked up my S15 half her dials weren't lit up (most of the speedo was dead, half the rev counter, and I couldnt see fuel or engine temp, nor could I read the odo or clock at night!) So I went and purchased replacement t5 bulbs, I put them in last night, and they all light up, BUT...
  17. tooley

    FS: S15 HID Passenger side headlight - Fully working

    Hi, Selling my spare HID light as i now have Non HID fitted on my car. No damage to any of the light. brackets are all good. Lense could do with a polish. £300
  18. B

    My TV3 Spec r

    Generic post
  19. tooley

    FS: HID Passenger Side Headlight

    Fully working. Minor surface scratches. Will polish out. Converted to non HID due to drifting and crashing is an occupational hazard RIP driver side light. No damage to any of the mountings £300 delivered