1. P

    Rev limiter doesn't seem to be working right

    I swapped a stock s15 sr20 into my s13. Stock swap minus front mount, exhaust, etc... Drives great and I was able to beat on it just fine during a couple drift events last year. I haven't really gotten to beat on it at all this year. The other day I got on it and when the tires broke loose, the...
  2. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    anyone good with apexi power fc?

    I've got a apexi power fc in my new car best thing i've ever had haha. love playing with the rev limiter anyone know a bit about them? got a few questions
  3. Havoc

    Boost or fuel issue?

    Right guys, car is driving a bit funny and I don't know what to put it down to... Basically 2 faults and not sure if there connected or not as quite a bit of work has been done to the car, 1st of whilst accelerating hard and taking the revs through the range at high rpm in low gears it feels...
  4. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    My rev limiter

    yea its runny rich too much fuel but sounds sick this is rev limiter tuned into my g3 ecu
  5. S

    Hitting Rev Limiter / Fuel Cut at 4500rpm

    Hey guys, Wonder if I could pick your brains?? I have bought my first S15 so please be gentle! Its an SR20DET, has a full exhaust, fmic, electronic boost controller, uprated fuel pump (not sure what injectors yet - not had time to check). Now, when its stationary it revs freely, but when I...
  6. P

    two issues 1. high revs 2. exhaust flexi size

    hi guys really hope you can help me on this one. 2 issues have arisen over the weekend and would like to know whats going on. first issue is i was driving down the road giving it some beans (private road) and i found the car revving up to 8600 revs before i thought that it should have hit the...
  7. B

    Car won't rev past 4,500 in any form? Advice please

    Have just brought back a S15 from the port after the sva. Car drove home with no problems, But will not go past 4,500 revs in any gear and acts like it's hitting the rev limiter. If I park the car up and rev to that limit the same problem exists. I can drive to the speed limiter of 112mph...
  8. G

    rev limiter/speed limiter

    hey lads, did a lot of drivin over the weekend so hit the speed limiter a lot:D, just wonderin is it dangerous to hit the speed limiter at 180k even if your revs are only round 5500k? i know you wudnt want to be bouncin the S15 off the rev limiter too often but is it the same with the speed...
  9. G

    SR20DE Spec S engine

    hey lads, jus wonderin how hard can the non turbo engine be pushed. can it be pushed to 7000 revs in every gear without encountering any problems? i presume there is a rev limiter at 7000rpm as ive encountered with my previous japs. and are there any issues with the non turbo engine?