1. V

    WTB: Stereo surround and arch liner

    As above I need a stereo surround (with heated rear screen button) and a near side front arch liner for my newly acquired specR Would like as good condition as poss. I'm in the West Mids but can travel
  2. ryan3

    Rubbing Wheel Arch Liners

    Hey, I've done some searching on this but couldn't really find an answer, so I fitted HSD coilovers to the 15 over the weekend and set them up at roughly the height I want to run at but noticed that the wheels now sit extremely close to the arch liner when applying some steering lock, they...
  3. N

    Wheel arch liner fastenings

    I've started noticing a rubbing noise coming from the front-left arch whenever I turn the wheel full-lock to the right. I had a look in the arch and noticed this: The bit I've circled in red looks like there's a screw or something missing and the arch liner is...
  4. D

    Head room measurement

    After a quick favour from someone with a non-sunroof S15 if anybody could help please? All I need to know is the height from the trans tunnel, between the centre console and the rear seat up to the roof liner. On my sun roof car it measures 785mm, but I need to know what a standard car is so I...
  5. C

    Drivers arch liner rubbing...

    So I fitted DW CS1's couple of days ago and the height came in a little lower than it was before but that was cool so I left it. There was a little rubbing on the drivers liner on hard left turns with bumps. It got worse though, now it rubs on bumps in a straight line and all the time when...
  6. J0R04N

    WTB: Passenger arch liner and sump tray

    As above. Need them to be in good condition. Thanks in advance
  7. japmadlad

    arch liner

    anyone know if the wheel arch liner off a S14 fits the S15? probably not but thought I'd ask as its easier to find them than S15's :D Anyone able to give me the part numbers for the 2 sections off the wheel arch? Its the nearside/passenger I'm looking, cheers guys :thumbs: