1. B

    Hello from Belgium!

    Hi guys :wave: i'm an owner of an White 2001 spec r since four years in Belgium. I'm here to learn everything that i dont know yet about my so much loved s15 and maybe fond some parts that i search for! :)
  2. V

    Hi from Southampton

    Hi all, Had a stage 1a S14 5 years ago and now looking to move from my 350z to a s14a or ideally a S15 as have always loved the shape. Member of SXOC and 350z-uk and hope to get to know some of you on here too. Cheers, Paul
  3. S15_SAM

    Sam's wide arch Pearl Yellow S15

    Well I've had my 15 for 10 months and changed a fair few things in the time so here's the story of its life! I first saw it on done deal, an Irish site and instantly new I loved it. The £6,900 price tag even more of an eye catcher. After speaking to a girl named Aishling we swapped details...
  4. tooley

    My Nizda Rx-200 (side ongoing project)

    ook my silvia on the student gumball when on my way home this happend!! dont buy cheap rear tyres just because your going to kill them in a event. (should of stuck with my falkens but didnt want to ruin them) wasnt hurt at all and no one else was involved. then found this in Mr henners...
  5. Roots82

    Frount Mount Intercoolers

    Do you think we could get a list of peoples front mount's that are known to fit with out any mods to much loved aero front bumper? just to save reading all the previous posts etc :D
  6. 2

    buying advice and ownership

    hello folks. looking to buying a S15 in 5 or 6 months time. 3k for insurance is steep i know but i love them :smitten: anyhoo i know nothing about them, or any jap cars, and i've only driven one for about 10 minutes but LOVED it. and that was a standard. which is what i like. i've always...
  7. J

    S15/Club Merchendise

    As per the subject heading... is there any? or any plans for any? I had to buy boring mats and a tax disc holder in Halfrauds at the weekend :( Would have LOVED to have proper S15 branded mats etc. Anyway, was just a thought. Club stickers? any of those still available?