1. H

    Pewter S15 on M69 today around 5.30ish

    had black wheels and a D-Max (i think??) spoiler looked lovely
  2. H

    Purple S15 at Halfway House- PassionJap meet

    lovely looking motor fella
  3. Jaydej

    Red s15 outside EMP st.albans

    Lovely looking!
  4. Sims77

    Importing a fresh one

    Hello Im Mark and im from Staffordshire, thought i'd better join an owners forum as Ive just (today) confirmed a lovely S15 Spec-R in Japan from JM-Imports and i know little about them :D A bit of history I started my proper Jap car life with a DC5 which i owned and loved for 4 years. It was...
  5. Cris69

    WTB: Front drivers wing in grey/pewter :(

    I was in wicks and some fu@? Tard pushed a trolly into the front wing of my car :( not a good look!!! It was a heavy duty trolly so made a lovely mess.... After a front drivers side wing in grey/ pewter please?! :-/ thank you
  6. S15AK

    Bring on the nice weather

    Cover is off the S15 after the rubbish winter months at last! :) new battery in, so going to give it a good blast this weekend :cool: Lovely day today, even up north :thumbs:
  7. R

    Moving on...

    Back in early December, some lovely old chap decided he wasn't going to give way on a roundabout and pulled straight in to my path. The resulting front end damage has meant that the insurance company have declared my lovely S15 a total loss (she has been taken away today:cry:) Anyway, I thought...
  8. L

    WTB: throttle bodies needed 4 my sr20

    im lookn 4 a throttle body with throttle postion sensor 4 my spec s sr20. or any info on where i can get one would be lovely.
  9. Yakozan

    Video: 350hp Silvia S13 with S15 engine and transmission :) Looks lovely.
  10. Robbyp

    I think i love him!!!

    look what my lovely postie brought me today :D