1. D

    Hi from Aus!

    Hi there. New to the Nissan scene, always been a Subaru guy but wanted something different and always wanted an S15. So I went out and found myself a JDM spec R in White Loving the car, just want to get into modding a bit. But first I need some Photos! (Ive had the car 3 months and no photos...
  2. S

    New guy from Cornwall with a spec r

    Hi my name is roger and I'm from Cornwall .i have had s13 and s14a but the s15 is so much better to drive .i have had it for 6 months how and loving it every day .it came from Wales and it has some cool mods Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. J

    S15 has new rims, well almost :)

    Loving the white dish :)
  4. J

    S15 Spec R, Tokyo Japan!

    Hey guys, Recently a proud owner of a 99 S15 Spec R! Mint condition and bone stock, just the way i like it! :D Just moved to Yokota Japan and picked up the car a week ago. So far so good! loving it already. ill post pictures soon as i figure out how to! -JC
  5. Krish


    Hi all I'm Krish. I just purchased S15 FTW off Adam! I'm an sxocer so familiar with the s-bodies and I'm loving life in the S15! Based in Norwich, Norfolk! Bout it really.
  6. pegliobaglio


    Anyone know what kit this is or where I can get it? Loving the rear bumper and front fenders http://k53.pbase.com/o6/06/146206/1/74020114.IWuYl6BV.IMG_8525.jpg
  7. S

    hi there guys

    im matt from australia im a big s15 fan just pick up 1 4 months ago and loving it:nod:
  8. T

    Hello to all.

    hello im new fairly new to the site said its about time i said hello,im from ireland and recently bought an s15 spec r after a few years of dreaming,id post pics but i dont know how to,so hello and im loving the site by the way.:thumbs:
  9. Topper

    HKS S15

    Stolen from SXOC - Clicky Loving the start button :thumbs: