1. L

    Ikeya formula camber arms??

    Hi guys, I've just put an order in through nengun and they've asked to specify negative or positive rear camber arms?? I plan on lowering the car more and want to keep to a fast road alignment so I'm thinking I need positive arms?? This will dial out the negative camber caused by lowering...
  2. phillll

    Coilovers & arms

    Hi guys, just a quick one. Looking at getting some HSDs in the next month or so. Which alignment arms do you NEED/are essential when lowering? It won't be going too low, but I'm guessing rear camber is a must when dropping? Cheers
  3. John-

    WTB: Lowering springs for S15

    Looking for lowering springs for my S15 whilst I'm saving for some coil-overs, seen that Tein ones have been mentioned a bit and seem to sit nice! Cheers, John
  4. I

    WTB: Lowering Springs

    Hi, I'm looking for lowering springs to fit the koni yellow I ordered. Ideally, a set specifically designed for the S15 would be great (ex : Tein S-tech or Nismo) Else, I want a quite low rate to keep my S15 very drivable on the bumpy roads here : no more than 4/3 for example. Thank you.
  5. P

    Set of HI-TEC Lowering springs -35mm/-40mm £85 delivered TUV approved Made in Germany

    Grab these while you can :) Set of 4 powder coated lowering springs for your S15. Will lower the car by -35 to -40mm Made by FK-Automotive in Germany. These are the proper job. They are made in Germany and have full TUV approval. Part number is FKNI021 They have them on special offer...
  6. D

    lowering springs with standard shocks??

    Heys guys Im thinking of putting in 30 or 40mm lowering springs into the 15 with standard shocks, how do you think they would hold up? I drive it everyday as my daily, not too bad roads and I always crawl over bumps etc.. Will I be ok as far as the oem shocks go? Thanks
  7. simon

    bridgestone springs?

    do bridgestone make lowering springs? i can't find any info on them anywhere, but i seem to have them on the car
  8. P

    WTB: Lowering springs

    Lowering springs wanted for Lesa's Spec S please :) What have you got :wave:
  9. LuPix_S15

    Lowering Coils

    Does anyone know of any lowering coils for the S15 which only lowers the car slightly (10 - 20mm)? I'm getting some Koni shock absorbers fitted and wanted to see if there were coils that could pair up with them. I've been told that Eibach do lowering coils for the S15 but they lower the car...
  10. kimi

    lowering springs

    I've been looking at my car and think the gap in the arches needs to decrease a little, i'm thinking of lowering it. I have the full tein coilovers on my other car and dont want to go that far with the s15, What i'm wondering is does anybody know if i can get a good quality lowering spring kit...