1. B

    bumper lugs snapped

    hi guys was just looking for some advice the lugs on my bumper have snapped was wondering if anyone has some advice on fixing them its a vertex fiberglass bumper I was wondering if I riveted to thin bits of steel either side of the bumper and dried it through would it hold? all advice welcome
  2. S

    What type of lug nuts for an S15???

    I'm going to be ordering some wheels from the US for my Silvia, but the guy on the phone was asking what type of lugs I need. Does anyone know the thread, size, and anything else I would need to know for lug nuts? The wheels I want are MB Weapons. He said something about their aftermarket...
  3. Dan H


    I've had to buy a new battery for my recently imported 15, so I thought I'd stick up a post with the details, as I couldn't find any when searching. Armed with a tape measure, I went to Halfords to find one matching the original that was fitted. Mine had got a small battery that I assume is...