1. JDM_virgin

    indicators not indicating...

    So i was out running some errands at lunch just now, came up to a roundabout and went to indicate...and nothing. no click from the relay or lights on the dash to show signalling. Tried the hazards and nothing and also turning the headlights on brings no lights up on the dash to show they're...
  2. H

    indicator stalks

    has anyone fitted Uk spec stalks in the 15 from a UK 14/a? it's doing my head in when turning and the wipers come on. i know the stalks simply screw onto the main wheel housing assy but not yet looked into wether the fitments are the same.
  3. Jay-pan

    Registering a car in the UK

    Hi guys anyone know the process of what to do when bringing a car from a different country to the UK. I was planing to fly over to the EU buy the car and drive it back but really dont no what would happen with insurance,tax,MOT main concern is driving it all the way back and not getting into...
  4. H

    Hello from the East Coast

    Hey, I'm Chris from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia been snooping around the forums from sometime now, awaiting the right time to purchase my very own S15. Well the time has come and its on it way from Japan as we speak. I ended up picking up an very low KM 1999 Spec S Auto for a really good price. It...
  5. ichigo-300

    FS: Garage Clearout - Many BNIB

    Need to make some room in the garage, so the following are up for sale. BNIB S15OC Carbon Fibre - Exhaust Heat Shield/ABS Shield (never used) - £100 (SOLD) BNIB S15OC Carbon Fibro - Cooling Panel (never used) - £100 (SOLD) BNIB ARP SR20 Main Studs (202-5402) - £50.00 (Using 1/2" main...
  6. Nickichi

    Main Crankshaft pully

    Heya I probably know the answer to this but i thought i would try here first (and boost my count lol, been a while) I've been working on the front of the car trying to remove rust that has built up since the awful winters we've had for a while in the UK and when I got to the pulley after...
  7. Z

    DS Laboratories Korea Drift Team Main Movie

    DS Laboratories Korea Drift Team Main Movie ---------------------------------------------------- hero : sung-yong mo car type : silvia s15
  8. E

    Hello from the state of Alabama in the United States!

    Hello everyone! My name is Jason and i drive a 93 Nissan 240SX coupe with a 01 S15 Spec R SR20DET swap. If you would like to see pictures of my car, feel free to add me on Facebook. My URL is Im looking forward to browsing this forum and finding a lot of...
  9. Mike

    Silvia prices

    Good afternoon! Ok, so a 99/00 plate Spec-R with 50-60K on the clock is worth £9000-£10500 going by prices on pistonheads and various importers in the country. (Correct me if im wrong :D) How much do you think you cars have de valued since you bought them? :o My only reservation with the them...
  10. R

    drive shaft help!!

    im having problems trying to fit my cusco 2way. first was the out put shafts i got two passenger ones but now tats sorted the problem now is my main shaft is 1" shy from meeting the diff my car is a s15 2001 spec s with ABS can some1 please hgelp out wi this???? do you know what main shaft i...
  11. C

    Z32 handbrake conversion parts

    I've just ordered myself a set of nice new rear brakes, but now need to do the S13/Z32 handbrake mod. I've been reading through nicely's very handy guide, but my main question is where is the best place to get all the required parts in the pic below (plus R33 handbrake cables) from...
  12. LuPix_S15

    JTS - Pics & Report *Nissan GTR* *Driftworks S15* *Time Attack* plus more!!

    Howdy :wave: Went down to Silverstone for some JTS action on the weekend and had a brill time!! Despite some drizzles on the way to the show, the rain held off and it was nice cloudy weather which is always good for car photography... One of the main attractions for me was to see an example...
  13. R-Spec

    RSS post notifications

    Hi guys, For the sxoc I get RSS notifications in my google sidebar (from google desktop). e.g. but they were set automatically and I don't know how to control which area of the forum they cover. The main thing is that I don't seem to be able to...
  14. J

    Changing metal head gasket

    Has anyone done this and know roughly how much labour hours is it for a mechanic?? Also where best to get the Turbo gasket from, NIssam main dealer?? are they same as S14?
  15. S

    Removing Headlight bulb help please

    Okay okay....this is SUCH a noob question, but it must be asked....I got an s13.5, and the wiring is WAY different then a typical s15. My problem is that as im driving, my passenger side headlamp went out...not the WHOLE lamp..the main bulb. The "parking" is still on, but not the "main" one. I...
  16. D

    browsing the ebay....

    and... i'm sure most of you have seen these by now, but, i've never seen this asked.... I know Nicely runs the THS manifold, and says quality of it...
  17. J

    WTB: Headlamp connecter

    Hello :) I'm looking for the connector off the wiring loom (and a few inches of wire) for the passenger side headlamp main beam. From a non-xenon lamp Ta :)
  18. D

    Part numbers?

    Lads, Where does one go about getting jdm Nissan Part numbers? I can't exactly go to local main dealer and try to explain what i'm after.. Cheers, Derek
  19. J


    Hello, I vaguely remember a thread on the old forum by a member who made the suggestion that there are too many sections and sub-categories would help in simplifying the general organisational structure. I spent 15 minutes this evening to reduce the forums main sections into centralised...