1. spoonman

    Intake Manifolds, Discussion about pros & cons factory V aftermarket

    I would like to get anyone thoughts opinions about intake manifolds, as where does the factory one restrict? and how does it restrict? do greedy ones help? are Chinese replicas any good, what about mazworx and other really expensive ones ones? Please relate your experience and findings.

    Help me out with manifolds/elbows

    hey guys, My friend is staying in Japan next month so you know what that means...JDM goodies for me!:smitten: So I've been looking into turbo manifolds and I've got a question. Is there any real reason to buy the more expensive HKS, Trust, JIC manifolds over the Tomei one? I have not heard any...
  3. slammedmind

    Intake manifold, what do you think?

    was browsing through ebay and saw this.. ive seen these advertised in the past and im asking what everyone thinks? Anyone tried...
  4. D

    peoples opinions what do people think of these manifolds?? are there any that stand out for performance or are they all the same??
  5. N

    Turbo suggestions?

    I have two new projects underway for this car. Tomei Genesis crate engine (this one is 4 months before delivery) and upgrading the turbo. I am just starting to look around now, but wanted to check if anyone had any suggestions for a good Turbo kit and which manifolds are good. I have a Megan...
  6. D

    Manifold and tubby elbow

    Well lads, I was watching these on ebay not that i need them just was curious to see what the would go for.. They started off at .99p and eventually sold for ?75.. Now in my opinion thats a complete steal. Once they would fit properly is the thing. I wouldn't personally use the the gaskets...