1. S

    WTB: Standard s15 conrods

    Posting for a mate who wants some s15 rods for his s13? Thanks
  2. Barnesy

    WTB: RB26DETT & RB25/GTT gearbox

    Hi guys, I know this is an S-Chassis forum but I was wondering if people could keep their ears to the ground. I'm looking to do an RB swap to the car but need to source an engine & gearbox. If anyone has any mate looking to get rid or know of anyone/any companies that are advertising them...
  3. Barnesy

    Barnesy's Spec-S (for a good reason)

    So the story goes that my mate has recently bought a looking chassis with the veil side fortune kit for the Supra and we've started moving everything. He then convinced me I needed a japanese RWD beauty so I started looking and fell in love with the S15's lines (the only thing I'd change is I...
  4. fez06

    FS: unfinished driftcar project

    posting up for a friend/team mate
  5. J

    Meet: Joey in Fife Helping a mate fit Coilovers.

    Hey guys, I have a meeting in dunfermline on Wednesday and a mate wants a hand fitting hsd's to his 200 on Thursday. Just wanted to see if anyone else was about? Joey
  6. N80Jamie

    Jay1314a Inbox is full!

    Clear it and get back to me mate :) Jamie.
  7. J

    WTB: S15

    Hi I'm after a white spec r s15 for a mate if there's any for sale at the moment thanks
  8. mattyjp

    Open Event: santa pod japshow finale 29th-30th september

    tickets are: £22 full weekend hardcore camping legends £14 sunday show offs gate opens at 8am on saturday and for those of you coming on the sunday it opens between 7-8am for clubs to get set up before the public arrive at 8am all the other info needed is on For the weekender...
  9. B

    Aero bumpers and racing logic coilovers

    hi people im not sure if ive put this in the right section but im just wanting peoples views on these aero bumpers, they are a frp replica from japan, ive searched everywhere and these are the only ones i can find, my mate has got a container coming over in the next 6-8 weeks and im thinking of...
  10. Miss S15

    Opinions wanted-Hellaflush an s15

    Just wondering what everyone's take would be on this hellaflushing an s15? Something a mate is thinking of doing with his 15
  11. S

    WTB: looking for oem Boot

    Mate is looking for a boot, cash waiting, in ireland.
  12. N

    Hi-cas lock out needed

    Hi guys, I've been ordering the mods i want for my Silvia but i'm struggling to find a Hi-cas lock out bar, can anyone point me in the right direction? Apex said it would be around £200 but would have to look into it, Japspeed said remove the rear axle and bolt on a new 1 lol or...
  13. M

    Open Event: heatwave silvia meet?????

    is there a silvia\skyline meet tomorrow,me and my mate are goin to heatwave tomorrow in s15s n wanted to know if there is one on???
  14. subzero

    Congrats to " Raystang " on a cover / feature in MIJ mag

    Car looked awesome mate . nice write up too.
  15. LuPix_S15

    JTS 2009 - My S15 On Track *Pics & Vids*

    Hola :wave: As most of you know, JTS is all about getting your own car on track (as well as the EDC and Time Attack!!) and I've been getting a number of things sorted for the 15 over the past few months with the intention of getting my first track experience at this fantastic show. So with two...
  16. R

    Some night shots

    Just spent the weekend washing, claying, polishing and waxing my 15 so last night I thought I'd take it out and get some pics taken, but the problem I always seem to have with last minute shoots is that my damn battery always dies, lucky I brought a mate along and he took the remainder of the...
  17. Miss S15

    My mate Pj's s15 99 spec r

  18. G

    FAO Nicely

    Hi mate, just wondering about your rear spats....i know you bought them from PerfectRun. However i might order something thru japanparts so might just order the rear spats there too..... could you just have a look and see if it is the same?? The pic is quite small...
  19. sushiming

    Bad news.....about my car...

    right try and repaired the copper washer on the turbo outlet pipe and its not the seal its the damn return pipe from the turbo to where ever it leeds too as have check ti out properly now the heat sheild one the manifold is cracked aswell on two side and both me and my mate think its due to the...