1. pegliobaglio

    FS: Mazworx top feed fuel rail, Tomei ras

    Hi guys I am now going 22vet with my build so I won't be able to use these parts . All parts are brand new Mazworx top feed fuel rail, comes with injector dynamics id850's and all associated hardware to fit this with the oem inlet. Ie fuel rail, o rings, pigtails, adaptors etc I paid over £600...
  2. S

    Soul's Mazworx Topmount S15

    Been wrestling with changing my car for quite some time now, and finally settled on getting an S15. Long trip up to Telford and came back with something I thought was a little bit special. A lot of mods, including a Mazworx topmounted GTX3076R. Engine only has 900 miles on it after the...
  3. Max

    S15 flywheel bolts

    Hi, I am about to fit a new clutch, an Exedy Hyper Single. It has some used bolts (never a clever idea to re-fit) so i got some ARP ones off Mazworx but I think the non S15 ones are all shorter, am I still good to use the ARP ones? I can't find any S15 specific ones... Max
  4. M

    Some pictures of my new 1000+ hp RB28 Mazworx engine

    Just wanted to show you all my new mazworx RB28 engine! Ready to put in one of my s15's :D -RB28 Stroker Engine Specs: Engine:RB26DETT Bore:86.5mm Compression:10.5:1 Stroke:79mm Rod Length:4.783 -Mazworx RB25/26 79mm Billet Crankshaft -Custom CP Pistons (set of...
  5. D

    FS: Top feed injector setup for standard plenum from Mazworx

    Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules, I just wanted to pimp this as Adam L and myself want this, but need a few more names :D For anyone wanting a cheaper way of fuelling for higher bhp, Mazworx are making a kit to run ID1000 injectors on the standard 2 part plenum Details here...
  6. M

    mazworx drive shaft broken!

    Hi All, My english is not 100% good so hope you guys understand everything :) Got some problems with my drive shaft from mazworx. 1 month ago i went for a z32 gearbox conversion from mazworx including a extra strong driveshaft 2.5'' picture against the stock one...
  7. K

    Mazwork / PRL Drag S15

    DRY SUMP Alot of custom fab on this car. All of it done at Mazworx! Notice the VVL head. Long tube header for maximum horsepower. 160 lb/hr injectors x12 Showing off the craftsmanship on the intake. Everything o-ringed so it's easily reused. Carbon/Carbon tubes and panels...
  8. Yakozan

    Drag S15 build in the US.

    Just found this on freshalloy.