1. R

    WTB: Wanted: Rota force drift 18"

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some Rota force Drift 18" alloys, The more concave the better. preferably with good tyres, I bought some...but because of the offset they dont fit properly, meaning my car is now driving like a 4x4 to stop any fouling. Idiot that I am. Any colours welcome
  2. Miss S15

    What to look out for in an s15 when buying one!

    As the title says people,is there anything I should specifically look out for when buying one? I have been looking for months now and not one of them has jumped out at me,if you get my meaning. Want something a bit different etc.
  3. J

    New keyboard warrior!!!...Existing car owner!

    Evening people! I'm James, from Gloucester. I've had my Silvia since March this year. It's been my goal since I was about 16 to get an S15 when I turn 21...and I did it!!! You gotta live you know! :nod: I've been lucky enough to buy one in absolutely mint condition and have maintained its...
  4. D

    browsing the ebay....

    and... i'm sure most of you have seen these by now, but, i've never seen this asked.... I know Nicely runs the THS manifold, and says quality of it...