1. Joeh

    It's that time of year again! Japfest 2018

    Are you ready for Japfest 2018? The winter days are slowly fading, the roads are drying up (except for the random snow :ohwell:) the sun's out and its nearly time to get the car out of the garage again if you haven't already done so! So why not take the opportunity to meet some new people and...
  2. Keifer1903

    Club Event: JAPFEST 2018 MAY 6th SILVERSTONE

    S15 OWNERS CLUB - Register your interest for JAPFEST 2018! Britain’s biggest celebration of Japanese car culture once again at the home of Silverstone Circuit on 06 MAY 2018! Lets get the ball rolling after a fantastic turn out last year, sure we had around 20 S15's To book tickets goto Club...
  3. H

    Meet: late Summer Essex Meet?

    i think we agreed we'd do another meet late summer.....?
  4. H

    Meet: Essex Meets

    I know of 1 or 2 15's around Essex (and surrounding counties too) but I'm sure there are more?! worth trying to sort an occasional meet to geek off?
  5. H

    Purple S15 at Halfway House- PassionJap meet

    lovely looking motor fella
  6. C

    Anyone in the Peterborough area?

    Hi everyone, as I've mentioned in some of my previous posts I'm planning on getting an S15 Spec-R next spring/summer time. I've had a chance to look round the outside of a fair few at shows over the years, but I've never had the chance to properly look inside one and speak to an owner in person...
  7. S

    Spotted tonight around 7:30 white aero S15 heading towards Cannock way from A5

    Anyone on here? The one and only day I take my type R EP3 to a car meet rather than the Silvia since owning the Silvia and I have another S15 at the side of me while I was going round the roundabout "Sod's law"
  8. Lanyard

    Standard Blue - M69 North from Coventry (Female driver)

    VERY standard looking car. Got a feeling it was the same one I was parked with at a meet in Coventry not so long ago. I was driving a Range Rover at the time so didn't wave but looked good! :thumbs:
  9. Parky

    Meet: S15oc social stuff...

    Just an observation but there doesn't seem to be any s15oc social stuff going on at all. I kinda expected people to be keen for a stand at japfest or whatever and there never seem to be any meets going on.. Everyone on here seems cool on here and it would be good to meet people and talk 15s in...
  10. Jaydej

    Hey everyone

    Hi all, I'm Jorge I'm 22 years long and live in Hertfordshire, have just joined the forum, I have always wanted a S15 and finally this year I have managed to afford one, I contacted TORGUE GT to try and find me the car I always wanted sure enough they did and I can't wait for it to arrive. I've...
  11. Sparky

    Meet: JDM North @ Oulton Park

    Hi Guys, Joined this group a couple of weeks ago and they are having a meet at Oulton Park circuit in Cheshire. Meet is organised for 30th November, 11am to 5pm. Entry is £2 per person as far as I am aware. 240 listed as going so far. I shall be attending in my black Spec R, if any other Silvia...
  12. driftmonkey

    garages in southampton

    im looking for a garage to do a lil engine work on my car or if anyone is in southampton with a s15 be nice to meet and compare...

    Meet: All makes meet

    My mate runs this meet at his work in Leicester I'm judging best JDM I think ! Be cool to see some of you there , ill be taking my S15 an my mrs is taking her Evo. It's a cool chilled event
  14. Silverstreak

    Meet: Thinking of organising a Dyno Meet!

    Hi Guys, I have been talking with Danny at Dynodaze and he has asked me about organising a meet at his place. The event would be a dyno shootout with possible catering and maybe a magazine shoot for all cars attending. I would like to see what interest there is from you guys before I start...
  15. Chriscooke

    Meet: Thornfalcon car show near Taunton, Somerset. Sept 1st

    The thornfalcon car show is located 10 mins away from Taunton (m5 Junc 25) and Illminster. It's a free event with donations being taken for Charity:) I have been going for several years and the cars on show are diverse to say the least, last years show had American muscle, Italian supercars, kit...
  16. K

    FS: FS: Good Condition S15 mats.

    As I no longer have an s15, these would benefit someone else now. They are in good condition. I'll post some pics later. I'd like £40 for these. Collection would be best. I'm going to South Wales for a Skyline meet next Sunday, so could meet someone along the way.
  17. LeeSpecR

    Meet: Beaconsfield services driftworks meet

    This is just a heads up.. i went to this meet last night was a 'drift works' meet but welcomed anyone along.was a good evening and a good turn out..even though it was freezing! Everyone was friendly,there was no silly driving (one or two but it was a metro and m5 driver) fair bit of space to...
  18. J0R04N

    Meet: S15 meet at Curburough

    Have hired Curburough out for Tuesday 9th April. I know it's in the week which is a bit of a pain but for cost reasons it had to be a weekday. Cars will be allowed on track and all are welcome to spectate. Would be good if we could get as many S15 S-body's etc together for photo's etc and a...
  19. Nissan_S15

    Meet: The Fast Show - Santa Pod Race Way, Sunday 17th March

    Hey guys, Just thought I would let you know that Santa Pod is hosting yet another Fast Show this year and it would be great if a couple of us from the silvia club could attend! I personally will be attending, as I will be entering my car into the show and shine competition this time round ;)...
  20. Nissan_S15

    Meet: Bracknell/Reading area meet!

    Hi there, Haven't really seen anyone about in the Bracknell/Reading area with a Nissan silvia yet apart from me lol. But if you do happen to own one in this location, I thought it would be cool to arrange a silvia meet sometime! Let me know!