1. H

    new member

    Hi, Just purchased a nissan silvia spec r from Japan . Colour is grey, Milage 27000 klms year 2000:)
  2. Spec-R

    ODO km changing??

    Hey. My car has a Nismo cluster fitted to it that doesent have the milage that i know the car has. Im getting sick of calculating the real milage all the time so i was wondering if there is a tool or some way to increase the milage to my Nismo cluster? I diddent find ennything specificaly...
  3. J


    I know nissan produce really good engines, much like honda which ive had no problems with mine so far, but looking to buy my S15 soon and wondering, at what milage may a rebuild need to happen and what will need changing? If anyones rebuilt their engine, some advice would be appreciation at...
  4. G

    All our milage is wrong!!

    my car is fitted with an external speedo/rev counter/milage counter. this is more accurate than the speedo in the dash, i know this as the limiter kicks in at 180kmh on the external speedo while my dash clock goes well passed 180kmh. i found this out months ago but only realised the knock on...
  5. G

    Milage check

    hey lads, if anyone wants to check the original milage of their car when it came into ireland i can check it out for them cos i have access to those records. cos ive checked a few S15s on well known irish car sales sites that have been clocked. jus want to make sure noone gets fooled cos it...