1. F

    WTB: Standard Rear top mount

    Think mines knocking , anyone got a replacement ?
  2. R

    WTB: Driverso Side Headlight

    Hi all, My drivers side headlight is discoloured and I'm tired of sanding and resealing it every few months. Does anyone have a really good condition one at a reasonable price? Mines a 1999 so assuming it's non HID, they are bright though and do look like HID lights. Thanks
  3. F

    WTB: S15 coilpack

    Looking for one good working coil pack as mines on its way out , thanks
  4. A

    WTB: A/C Evaporator

    Need an A/C Evaporator, mines leaked all the gas out.
  5. B

    WTB: Front Brake Caliper

    In need of a Near side (passenger - UK) 4 Pot Spec R caliper. Mines seized :( before i get a rebuild kit, any body got one they dont want? regards.
  6. Feast Japan

    SR20 E-Manage Experimenting

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this air/fuel sub-computer? New unit came in the other day and will set it up next week to match the mods on the car now. Up until now a Mine's VX-ROM with fuel enrichment (AFC) was used. And its not exactly super accurate..lol.
  7. D

    WTB: n/s/f inner arch trim, front half

    as above mines gone missing
  8. D

    WTB: lambda sensor s15

    mines faulty so if anyone has anything give me a shout
  9. japmadlad

    thinking of heading to OZ

    Thinking of heading out to OZ. Feck all work here & i've come across 2 jobs, 1 in brisbane/gold coast the other is the mines in victoria/tasmania. What are these areas like to live/work? Gona have to do something to allow me to do electrical work over there & sort working holiday visa. leaning...
  10. richy200

    consult software and lead

    Hey guys, i've recently had a engine swap (na sr20de out and s14 silvia sr20det in) i have a mines ecu in the car and it has been mapped by mines. The guy that did the conversion told me that he connected the consult up so that should be working (hasn't been tested) i just wanted to know...
  11. subzero

    Your s15 = daily driver / weekend car ??

    added a poll ..... mines driven everyday .
  12. S

    WTB: Any one breaking an s15

    Im looking for the bar that runs behind the bumper (some people say slam panel but not sure) just below the head lights mines apears to have been cut off not sre why though,
  13. mint

    WTB: few bits

    Looking for a new boot seal. The one that goes right the way around the boot :( Someone caught it at JAE and its taken a hole with it.. lame :( Also im looking for a gear gaitor as mine's busted... Also, Does anyone have a water bottle? Or spare inner driver side plastic arch? Mine went walk...
  14. sushiming

    Road Tax

    just got my road tax and its so wierd mines cheaper than my dads aswell....my dad just got a 06 corlloa 1.6 and his has worked out to be 205 for the 12 months and mine is only 180 mines listed as a PLG but dads is petrol car here is how they rate them now tho...very surprise tho...
  15. sushiming

    Any plans over winter??

    whats plans have ppl got for over the winter for the S15??? any big mods or just keeping it in the garage? untill i find myself a good roundabout i will be using my throughout winter and trying not to trash it hahaha cleaning mines gonna be like a b!tch