1. Sims77

    Tyre recommendations

    I've had a look but I can't see any thread about them. What do you guys recommend? I've got Federal 595 Evo on mine at the minute but they're terrible! The were imported with the car and in the wet they're dangerous.
  2. N

    Open Event: DWYB @ Santa Pod Sat 25th Feb

    Is anyone off here going to DWYB on the 25th? I've got a few bits to sort and am last minute again but hoping to be there, would be cool to meet people this time if they're there :D
  3. slammedmind

    FS: greddy type s bov

    Brand new and unused includes flange. Ill upload pics of it tomorrow bought it and never got around to using it need the cash at the minute so open to offers on it. thanks Rob
  4. slammedmind

    FS: Volk racing gt-c 17"

    looking to sell the wheels in the pic below, the specs are front 8j +28 rear is 9j +28. Front tires are new the rears have some wear on the insides. The wheels are in overall decent condition, some marking from the last lot of tires that were put on. Im looking for offers on them at the minute...
  5. J

    Introducing.. j0nbubz!

    Hi all =) I've been lurking around these forums searching for info and admiring your love for cars, specifically S15s!! My name is Jon and I'm from Sydney, Australia. (the land down under.. not as far as Tasmania though.. =P). I currently own and drive 2 cars (not at the same time!). One is a...
  6. M

    Mitch's drift ride

    Well, the 180 has moved on to pastures new, so I thought I'd need something to keep Team Driftgarage busy This is how I got it... Wheels were a bit weak for my liking (17X7 ET35 and fitted pretty flush), so the Advan Sienas were drafted in...a bit of archwork as required, methinks...
  7. S

    2007 Formula 1

    Sup all, Who else on this board is a F1 fanatic like me. i just love watching it but to be honest only if its a fun one to watch. ie the leader has zoomed off with like a minute lead. Most of the top teams have all released their cars and are all starting to test their new challenger for the...
  8. M

    Its gone.....

    Well folks thats it, the S15 has just gone, well at least provisionally as I have a deposit and the chap will be picking it up today or tomorrow, so everyone welcome Dammsy (Who is a recent member on here) to S15 ownership. :wave: I guess I should feel happy but Im not too sure at the minute...
  9. Topper

    Radio Reception

    Does anyone have a problem with this?? One minute i can have a great signal, the next it is very poor, and in some areas, where i should get a signal (do in the Focus) i dont get a signal at all :no: