1. 8

    Yellow 15 in spa (Belgium)

    Just looked out my hotel window to see a line of English cars and a 15 and DC5 in the mix...... Anyone on here?
  2. JDM_virgin

    Open Event: Relentless Racing Tour Of Duty 17th August 2013

    http://rrtod.co.uk/ would any one be up for attending this? sounds like it should be an quality evening as there are loads of clubs and photographers going, would be awesome to see some S15's in the mix basically its a tunnel run around london. its an official event so i assume no dicking...
  3. AllanOrr

    Podcasts - Gig Downloads

    Hey guys I used to do this on some of the civic forums where I would post up the set I done for gigs after they were recorded..soooo here is one from Sunday the 26th September @ Uberfest2 in The Soundhaus, Glasgow :thumbs: Set List: Track 1 - Armin van Buuren ft. Sharon den Adel -In And Out Of...
  4. raytsang

    What is E85

    Right this might be useful for us guys in ireland. as we can only get 95Ron from the pumps.... so what excatly is e85? It sounds like a mix in solution to boost octane.? how safe is this to use? and does your car need to be mapped for it?
  5. C

    brake fluid

    i've just found out that UK don't make DOT 3 brake oil which is the standard spec for s15. My fluids are running low at the moment and i just want to top it up to use for a few weeks. Is it possible to mix abit of DOT 4 in there, which was told but halfords but the lid said something else. thanks