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    New S15 owner

    Hi All, I just bought a modded S15 with a BN Blister wide body kit last weekend. I have owned an S14 and S14a in the past so naturally ive progressed to the ultimate S-body. The S15 is only a NA auto :o but i plan to replace that with a decent lump. currently into the options of a modded...

    Sam's S15, replacing a very tired S13

    Hi guys Thought its about time to put a build thread up Picked her up September last year after an excruciating 6-8 week wait which turned out to be 5 months :( Definitely worth it though :) She's a 2002 Spec R with a chequered past, wasn't registered in Japan for 12 years and has obviously...
  3. S

    Hey all from Syd, Australia

    Hey guys, and girls. Just signed up so when i get my s15 i can share it with you all. Have not purchased one yet but have been waiting/browsing for over 3 months. As its going to be my daily and will not have time to mod it myself im goin to get one thats modded. Hopefully shortly one will come...
  4. J

    Hello From Northampton England

    Hey guys, counting down the days in which I will be getting my S15, feel free to give me loads of advice on what to look for when buying (I will look through threads) and I don't mind buying an already modded car, if its modded to my taste, just waiting for the next years no claims on JUNE 11th...
  5. M

    Newbie from Belgium

    Hi everybody I'm Michiel from Belgium. I'm looking into the nissan silvia's because i like them and would love to own one in a year or two :) Although, i'm in a bit of a doubt still. Love the Integra DC5's or civic EK9's 2. And i've never driven a real RWD, only drive the E39 and F10 BMW 520d...
  6. R

    New Member - Possibly Looking For An S15

    Hey Folks, My name is Wullie, I'm from Ayrshire, in Scotland and currently I'm driving a Monte Carlo Blue, MY03 Honda S2000 GT. Some of you will know my board name from the SXOC as I have had an S13 before then. I've met one or 2 of the scottish members before (Mr Mint and forgive my name...
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    Question about milage

    hello. I'm planning to buy a S15 and and doing stage one tuning when I got the car. (exhaust, intercooler, increase boost etc). what's is the 'save' millage on a car for doing these modification. i mean is it save for me to do it on a 100,000km car? or should i spent a bit more and get a car...
  8. D

    WTB: M3 swap for S15 Spec R.

    Hi there, I'm possibly interested in swapping my M3 for a S15 (preferably in Blue). Anyone interested? Mines an M3 Evo in Techno Violet. So thats the 3.2 321bhp engine. I'd be after a modded S15 as I need to have similar power.