1. S

    New member from Vancouver, British Columbia!

    Hey all! Here's my beloved S15 Spec R that I bought at auction in April, and have had in my possession for the last couple months. Doing lots of stuff, both fixing and modding. I'll be making a build thread soon! -Pics taken at the Import Lot after being bought at the auctions -The day...
  2. J

    James' S15

    Bought this on Saturday, cannot wait to start modding :) just need my ep2 to sell and im awayy :)
  3. Mark_D

    FS: Goowwwd Blimey! Blue S15 on Pistonheads (Not mine) This speaks for itself really. Saw it on PH last night and spent some time admiring it. I have to say it looks superb considering its only got the non-aero front bumper. Seems to be in very good condition, and would be a good base for modding since...
  4. T

    FS: New Greddy Profec B Spec 2

    Hi got a new Profec B spec 2, in black. need to raise cash instead of modding... looking for 240 posted ONO please contact me via PM. thanks T