1. Driftall

    Insurance showing as Nissan Silvia ZX

    So I've just got the numberplate for my Silvia that I'm picking up next week so have started getting quotes. It seems on some sites the car is coming up as a Nissan Silvia ZX, even though all the DVLA stuff shows it as just a Nissan Silvia. Anyone got any experience with this? Is it just a...
  2. R

    Difference between 1999 and 2002 model?

    Hey guys, I haven't found anything about this topic so i wanted to know if there is any difference between a 1999 and a 2002 model. Sometimes manufacturers change things for a facelift model like headlights. Thanks and have a nice day ;)
  3. H

    WTB: Original alloy rims Wanted

    Looking for alloy rims S15 Varietta 2000 model anyone ??
  4. H

    Age of a car.

    My car is on a "W" 2000 plate but I'd like to try and find out the year of manufacture. Apperently the VIN plate holds this info (in the U.K. at least) The 10th character is the age marker. but I'm not sure if this applies to vehicles from outside the UK. If it does apply it would actually...
  5. F

    How much is 6 months tax?

    How much is 6 months tax need to know to send a check to Dvla when I register car, think it's 129.25 but want to double check, it's a 1999 model
  6. S15AK

    New daily - Audi A4 Dynamik

    Got the wife a new daily, we had a Volvo xc90 for a good few years now to ferry the kids about in but it was knocking on 180,000 miles and was showing its age. Originally we wanted a Q7 as we liked the 7 seats, but after weeks of car research (and being put off by the £500 year tax on the Q7...
  7. Mange

    FS: Advan Model 5 18x10 et19

    Hey guys, Im selling a set of 4 Advan Model 5 in bronze. They are 18x10 et19 all of them. Imported by me from Japan, in very good condition. No curb rash, a scratch or two on some spokes. All centercaps are there. I havent researched the price of shipping them to the UK or Europe but I...
  8. S

    New guy from Cornwall...

    Just a quick hello guys :wave: I've recently bought my first S15, very happy indeed as I've always wanted one! It's a super clean 1999 spec S. A great base model for a project car... I may start a project thread once I get stuck into it in the new year so keep an eye out!
  9. Jaydej

    Recaro cs help

    I've got my eyes on a lovely pair for Recaro cs however I need to get base rails I'm going to go for the bride super low but does anyone know what model I need?
  10. S


    Hello, I'm really curious to know whether my car is ADM or NZM. I've been told it's an NZ model S15 Spec R, but i want to know the difference that it has compared to the ADM model to be able to tell between the two. I understand the horsepower for both ADM and NZM is different 147kw ADM/184kw...
  11. D

    potential new owner!

    having wanted a supra TT i have moved onto wanting an s15, just seem to be the perfect car for me wanting to purchase as stock a model as possible aswell so everything done is my own work just thought i'd say hi anyways! :)

    How many miles / kilometres

    Has your S15 done and what year is it? Mine has done 47,000km and is 2001 model Is that mega low or normal?
  13. T

    FS: Brand New AVS Model 5 17x9+22 Bright Silver pair only

    Brand New AVS Model 5 17x9+22 5x114.3 Bright Silver Rims sat at a shop for about 13 years. Production stamped 5/29/2000. Perfect condition, never had a tire mounted on them before. Ship from Japan to the US or Canada via EMS (3-5 days) with tracking and insurance $1420usd (1055euro) shipped...
  14. S

    FS: Rare Advan AVS Model 7 alloys - 17"

    Got a set of 4 Advan AVS model 7's for sale. 2 in good condition, 2 with some laquer peel around the wheel nut inserts and a bit on the faces :( All 4 come with like new tyres. Unsure of the offset but will fit s13, s14 and s15 and skylines to. Complete with 4 centre caps. 5x114.3...
  15. N

    Newbie From Zambia

    Hey guys and girls... Thought i would say hi to all and introduce myself to you all. My name is Nathan, i live in Lusaka, Zambia... been a jap car fanatic for many years now. Im a bit of a car whore, if i see it and i like it, i must own it unless i really cant afford it. Last car was an Auto...
  16. R

    S15 spec r information

    G = Coup BY = SR20 engine A = 2 wheel drive R = Right hand drive U = spec S or spec R A = 4 speed auto, Y = 6 speed manual S15 = model U = Turbo, E = NA D = Domestic model, M = Australia 4 = 4 seats I want to know what the last 5 letters/numbers means except for the NZ (YNZ2Z)? Also the turbo...
  17. J0R04N

    FS: AVS Model 5 Alloy Wheels

    Found a set of 18 inch that took my fancy so these are up for grabs. The AVS Model 5 Alloys. 17 inch et 114.3 with a 35 offset. Fit my S15 perfectly. Only just refurbed and with new Falken Ziex 912 all round. After £600 no offers please.
  18. Fasthands

    FS: Honda SMX 2.0l auto Black

    Hi folks I am selling my old SMX it's a black Lowdown model 2.0l automatic fantastic little run about and quite quick too.. It'a 1997 model with MOT until Dec no tax at the mo runs out end of this month. Runs perfectly a few imperfections but generally in good condition, four nearly...
  19. S


    hi, not a s15 owner, but have been very interested in the model since the moment i layed eyes on one! im more of a toyota man, currently driving a n/a supra... but im wanting something thats a bit roomier (anyone whos seen a supra boot would know what im talking about) plus something thats a bit...
  20. M

    Howdy from North Carolina

    Well, figured I'd join this forum and see how things are across the pond ;) I love the S15, but America has the stupid rule that an imported car has to be a minimum 25 years old, so for me to own a S15 would be highly illegal here. I do have an s13 that is stripped down and ready for an LS2...