1. B

    Bent fuel rail

    Well I finally got my straight cam conversion fired up. Doesn't run great as the injector rail is bent (prob my fault) 😞 they're so badly seated it chuffs air back through the seals What my options, I need this to work tomorrow / Monday. I have a s15 engine, can I make the rail from that...
  2. phillll


    Hi guys! Been browsing the forum for a while now, but picked up my S15 on Monday from Torque GT. You may have seen in on the website. Someone pulled out of buying it so it was offered to me. After bidding on cars for months I decided this was the best option to go with. It was a Grade 4, it...
  3. oilman

    15% off all Engine Oils @ Opie Oils

    The weekend is almost here and to make it even better Opie Oils are giving an additional 15% Off all engine oils with voucher code 15OFF until midday Monday 21st July. If you need help you can call us Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm on 01209 202944, email us at, or...
  4. oilman

    Free UK Shipping over £35 - Ends Midnight Monday

    Hi Folks, To make the bank holiday weekend even better, Opie Oils are offering FREE UK Mainland Shipping on orders over £35 until midnight Monday! Some Scottish post codes and out of area deliveries are not included, however we have created the voucher code ISLANDS to reduce the delivery to...
  5. oilman

    Opie Oils Daily Deals - Up to 50% Off RRP

    Up to 50% OFF RRP every day of the week From 10am Monday to Friday we will have one of our most popular products on offer at a ridiculous discount for 24 hours only. PLUS over the weekend our Friday Daily Deal will continue until 10am Monday! Our Daily Deal will not always be posted on the...
  6. Nissan_S15

    Neighbour threatened me and my S15 :(

    So long story short, I travel to Bournemouth every week from Reading to attend uni and have been doing so for the last 2 and a half years. Since summer holidays a new family has moved in two houses down from me in Bournemouth. Now every Monday morning at 7.30am I return to my house in...
  7. R

    "HELP" Using coolant !!!!

    My s15 spec- R seams to be using coolant alot. I filled up the overflow tank behind the passenger headlight on saturday and now (on Monday) It is boan dry!! Can anyone help with what could be the problem please :thumbs:
  8. P

    Hi All

    Just thought I'd introduce myself then :) My name is Phil, I live in Jersey which is in the Channel Islands, United Kingdom. Currently trying to source an S15 as per my topic in general chat and we will see how that goes, shall know for sure on Monday the 29th if I get it or not! erm yeah...