1. P

    Adjustable rear Camber arms S15 £110 a pair

    Can offer these for £110 pair delivered to UK addresses. Price includes VAT and all duties VAT etc. Can also ship worldwide but need to get a quote for shipping. Delivery is in 7/10 days. They are motorsport quality and just what you need if the car is lowered and or used for track days...
  2. C

    HKS EIDS Idle Stabaliser

    Hi Guys, Just acquired one of these from the 'for sale' section - anyone have any experience fitting? I'm just waiting on a quote back from a reputable motorsport company near me but if its not way beyond my abilities I wouldn't mind having a go myself? Thanks!
  3. R-Spec

    Better late than never...

    Hi there:wave:. Been on the here and the sxoc for a quite a while off and on and even met a few of you last year at Silverstone GP but have never really said hello properly and have many many times got really useful info out of you gents.:nod: Don't get to spend that much time on the forums...