1. rapid200sx

    Nismo tv - new Youtube channel

    If any of you are committed Nismo fans and like the various events that Nismo race cars in (around the world) as factory motorsport teams, Nismo recently started their own channel in conjunction with (and on) Youtube, called Nismo tv.
  2. P

    Adjustable rear Camber arms S15 £110 a pair

    Can offer these for £110 pair delivered to UK addresses. Price includes VAT and all duties VAT etc. Can also ship worldwide but need to get a quote for shipping. Delivery is in 7/10 days. They are motorsport quality and just what you need if the car is lowered and or used for track days...
  3. C

    HKS EIDS Idle Stabaliser

    Hi Guys, Just acquired one of these from the 'for sale' section - anyone have any experience fitting? I'm just waiting on a quote back from a reputable motorsport company near me but if its not way beyond my abilities I wouldn't mind having a go myself? Thanks!
  4. R-Spec

    Better late than never...

    Hi there:wave:. Been on the here and the sxoc for a quite a while off and on and even met a few of you last year at Silverstone GP but have never really said hello properly and have many many times got really useful info out of you gents.:nod: Don't get to spend that much time on the forums...