1. S

    Anyone know what rear diffuser this is?

    Anyone know what rear diffuser this is? I know it's mounted to a C-west GT Rear Bumper... but i'm trying to find the same if not a similar rear diffuser. Thank you.
  2. B

    FS: Pair of Driftworks super low rails for any side mounted seats made for s15.

    Pair of Driftworks rails to fit any side mounted seat to the s15. Only used for a week. Very high quality rails! Price is £200. Prefer collection but can post for extra if needed! Thanks
  3. s15 al

    WTB: carbon cannister sensor

    I'm after the sensor that is mounted on the drivers side of the radiator at the top. If anyone has removed their carbon cannister and has one laying around let me know how much I could have it for, thanks
  4. T

    Anybody have a clue what these are?!?!

    Bought my JDM S15 from Japan and still haven't seen it yet. I just noticed something in the photos that I didn't notice before. Does anybody know what the two things mounted at the top of the rear window are?? I don't think I've seen anything like them here in Canada before. Any info would...
  5. holzkreuz

    FS: Nagisa Auto Shakitto Plates & Bootlip

    Have these for sale now: Nagisa Auto Shakitto Plates for the S15 150€ + shipment (Very RARE!) Were on my S15 but dont need these anymore: Mounted: How they look Boot Lip Spoiler for the S15 130€ + shipment No Cheap FRP, PUR Material and very flexible Dont know the Manufacturer Were also...
  6. K

    WTB: I need some front end parts!

    Looking for bumper, bonnet, bumper renforcment bar and the bar that the lights are mounted on, lhs HID light. for my spec s Cheers
  7. A

    Identify these parts?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know what this stuff is? Just picked up a Jap Spec R S15 today that's fairly standard and noticed a few new parts compared to my old Aus Spec. This is mounted to a bracket on the corner of the radiator, has some sort of connector going to it from the fuse box and a...
  8. andeep

    Aftermarket seats confusion

    I'm looking to get some aftermarket bucket seats when I get my Silvia and got a few questions. I'm looking at some Bride or Recaros, and I understand that they are side mounted seats. Therefore what will I require to fit them into my Silvia? I don't need the seat to slide as I am the only...
  9. K

    What rear bumper i this?

    Hello! Does anybody know what rear bumper is mounted on this car? Which manufacturer is it?
  10. V

    Will these wheels fit ? (Part2)

    I got another wheel question. I'm looking for driftwheels and i found a used set of 17"x7" with 55 offset. To me this sounds alot, but would it be any problem to used the wheels? The wheels will only be mounted on the rear of the car, not front. Should i use spacers? if yes, how big? Thanks!:)
  11. S

    Hey Everyone

    Hello Fellow S15 owners and Enthusiasts from around the world. I found the website a while ago but have been so busy i forgot about its presence, Now i remember I shall Introduce myself. My name is Clint Palmer, I'm 22 and Live down under in Australia, The Gold Coast to be precise. I work as a...