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    Hi folks

    I've joined the forum as I'm planning on owning a s15 type r for my next car. My last 3 performance cars have been Mr2 turbos (then an a5) I currently have no car ( Mrs has a polo and I have a van) as we are buying a house plus getting married in July. I'm hoping at the end of next year I'll get...
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    How to hotwire an MR2!!

    well lads, i know this seems crazy and it got frowned upon on the MR2 forum but heres my story: woke up thursday mornin to find my MR2 in the carpark with passenger window smashed, driver side rear window smashed, stereo robbed, gps robbed, driving licence robbed, and worst of all my ignition...
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    1993 MR2 battery problems i think!

    Hey Lads, havin problems with my mr2 at the moment. i put a new battery in it but if the car is left sitting for 2 days it goes completely dead. is the altenator the most likely problem? if so any idea how much it would cost to get it sorted? this would never have happened in my S15 :no:
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    Newbie checking in!

    Hey!, Im Scott, and co-run the SJCC (shropshirejapcarclub), and drive (wait for it:eek:) a 95' MR2 GT-S. I heard about the site from a fellow member (Initial-D) and thought i'd check it out, as all being well, over the next year or so, i'll be investing in a white Spec-R:cool: Hopefully you...