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How to hotwire an MR2!!


Ger Keane

well lads,
i know this seems crazy and it got frowned upon on the MR2 forum but heres my story: woke up thursday mornin to find my MR2 in the carpark with passenger window smashed, driver side rear window smashed, stereo robbed, gps robbed, driving licence robbed, and worst of all my ignition was totally ripped apart. scum tried to hotwire my car but i have been having problems with my battery so it was in my kitchen being charged! wudda loved to have seen their faces when the cudnt get the thing going as they tries nearly every wire!

so now i have a problem, car is parked in carpark with 2 windows smashed and i cant move the car becuse i wouldnt have any knowledge of how to hotwire a car!
i went messing with some wires and managed to get the dash lights on but after that im stumped. tried a few more wires but sparks started flyin and i burnt some wires!

could anyone help me as to how i will get it started.
i know this information probably cant be posted on a public forum so if someone could pm me id really appreciate it!! :)