1. Miss S15

    Anyone able to name these wheels?

    Looking for another set of wheels for buddies s15, decided on 3 sets just from pictures but know the names maybe someone here might know them or know of somewhere I could find out?
  2. Silverstreak

    Open Event: Japshow Finale Sunday 29th September 2013

    Hi Guys, was wondering if any of you are planning on going this year, and will there be a club stand? If so, do we need to put our names down, and would be organising it? :D
  3. JaseYpk

    Spartan race 2012!! watch the video on the homepage. then come back here and tell me you want to do it! I'm looking at doing the Super Spartan (8+ miles) in September if anyone fancies it! Alternatively, if no one is interested (because i hate being a loner) i'l do the 3+...
  4. D

    FS: Top feed injector setup for standard plenum from Mazworx

    Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules, I just wanted to pimp this as Adam L and myself want this, but need a few more names :D For anyone wanting a cheaper way of fuelling for higher bhp, Mazworx are making a kit to run ID1000 injectors on the standard 2 part plenum Details here...
  5. JaseYpk

    Meet: S15 Cruise in August

    Summer Northern meet for S15OC in the UK? Open to anyone who lives up north, or wants to travel! Probably central location to all attendees. (tbc) Stick your names down the bottom if you're interested or have any ideas! Probable date, sometime in august, whenever is voted best. :)
  6. B

    Hi all

    Hi all my names wayne aka Boynexdoor :wave:
  7. N


    alright lads the names mike from cork in ireland i just baught an s15 non turbo in black il try get a few pics up soon. thanks
  8. DeanS15

    faces to names

    with the summer meet coming up and having not seen this sort of thread before on s15oc i thought it might be a good idea to put faces to names so we all know who each other is......? if its a crap idea just say and that the end of it lol. i'll start it off - i am Dean and this is me :)
  9. J

    organising an s15oc track day @ mondello???

    wud anyone be up for this??what date wud suit ye??how many names wud we need to organise the track day??
  10. kimi

    PIAA wipers and bulbs

    We can do some great deals on these if we can get enough people interested. Put your names down here
  11. Topper

    Lets see how far S15oc goes

    Add your BB Names and locations to this to see where you all are in the world