1. N

    Wheel alignment help

    Hey guys I just straighten my rear wheels to 0 camber. I also got a wheel alignment but the problem is after 2 days my right rear wheel camber went into negative camber by itself and my wheel alignment is off. Any thoughts my car is lowered around a inch. Got new tie rods and caster rods installed.
  2. L

    Ikeya formula camber arms??

    Hi guys, I've just put an order in through nengun and they've asked to specify negative or positive rear camber arms?? I plan on lowering the car more and want to keep to a fast road alignment so I'm thinking I need positive arms?? This will dial out the negative camber caused by lowering...
  3. Tony

    Fitting bov, on the warm side (turbo side)

    Hi guys I'am thinking of refitting bov to the turbo side. Is this a stupid idea, or are many people doing this?? still running Recirculating bov! is there anything negative of doing this?? do I loose spooltime..? Best regards: Me =)
  4. Yakozan

    installing a Greddy warning meter

    Hello. Have anyone installed a warning meter? The instructions are in Japanese and all I can get from the greddy homepage is this pdf. I have a pretty good idea where to connect all the wires except the yellow one which says "(opt.) Negative warning...