1. JDM_virgin

    Greddy RZ BOV

    got my hands on a cheap new Greddy BOV RZ for the 15, but i cant find where to buy the SS pipe work for it. can get it as part of a kit from greddy and nengun but not on its own. please help!
  2. Max

    NENGUN Order, Anyone want anything and to split postage??

    Hi Guys, as the title. I'm getting New S-tunes from Nengun and maybe poncams too and postage is like 30,000 yen! If anyone wants anything from Nengun and to chuck it in with my order it shouldn't actually put my postage up, unless it is big ofcorse, just after someone to split the cost with...
  3. V

    Identical brakes?

    I need new brakepads for my S15 and its not easy to find (yeh i know greenline, nengun etc. has it). Can i use brakepads from another car? S14, R32, R33, Z32 etc ?
  4. Yakozan

    nengun sale

    have I gone made or is all articels on nengun on sale?? i get "Special price" on everything.
  5. Nicely

    Performance Parts Suppliers (Japan)

    This is aimed more at UK members, but applies to other countries too :) Did you know that all of the major brand performance parts that you buy in the UK can be got for much less in Japan? The savings are considerable. Few examples taken from my own experience Defi Link BF Oil Pressure...
  6. D

    Blitz electrinics

    Alrite lads, I am after blitz temperature sensors and blitz A/f meter sensor to suit my sbc i colour. Reccomend anywhere to buy? Nengun don't have them. Perfectrun has. I just haven't emailed them yet. Any help? Derek
  7. D

    Online performance parts website.

    Lads, What online websites do ye use to purchase parts? I know of Nengun and greenline and takairia and of course ebay .. Where else?
  8. Nicely

    Keep me away from Nengun

    Damn you lot for getting me looking at Nengun again! :furious: Just spotted these...