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    Hey guys I'm importing an s15 and have been given the option to have the car under sealed and treated with dinitrol injected into sills and the engine bay, just wondering if you guys recomend it or know anything about it can't find much on the net. Cheers
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    Front Left tyre Spinning?

    guys, i reversed my car out of my driveway and turned as i got out n the front left tyre began spinning on the grass :confused: i had a look on the net, they only come in rear wheel drive, dont they?
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    WTB: Consult II

    Does anyone know where I can get a hold of this gadget? I can't find solid information about it on the net. Seems precious.
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    Plugs and Oil Filter

    Hi, I want to get the above for my S15 Spec R, but wondered if I could go into halfrauds and get them. I have done a quick search on the forum but as I'm at work I'mlimited to time on the net (when boss is not watching). Any help would be great. Keith