1. ChrisKnottIns

    Do you want the good news or the bad news?

    Hi, I thought you'd be interested in this even if your car insurance isn't due just yet but especially if it is! There's some bad news but there's also some relief at the end... The bad news According to an industry report last week, Comprehensive car insurance premiums are now at their...
  2. Jaydej

    Interesting news from time attack would anyone else be interested in starting up?
  3. Fasthands

    Spare a thought

    Thought I would say we should spare a thought for the poor people in Japan. The home of our beloved S15's and other superb cars we all love. I am just watching the news and can't believe the footage.. I can't even imagine how scary it must be.
  4. W

    S15 spec R autos

    Hi, Anyone seen any for sale? I have seen a white one in London, but nothing else. I need an auto for my leg before anyone says. I cannot use a clutch, its a shame you cannot put a DSG box into an S15. How about importing one, I know the SVA was a PITA for an auto a while back, any news on...
  5. sushiming

    Good news guys

    hey guys i got some good news yesterday got a call from the insurance and the cars going in to the bodyshop next wed to get repaired plus i am having the boot done aswell as i dented it stupid me..... hopefully its gonna be a good job.....and just need to sort out the leak on the turbo outlet...