1. S

    Nicely's Rear brake conversion

    I had a look at Nicely's write up about the conversion on his website and just wondered coupla things. My mate who's done it says that I don't need Z32/S13 parking brake components and backing plate. He said he just bent...
  2. EvilChap

    New owner of Nicely's car here

    Hello all :) I have moved over from 2 S14as to now own Nicely's S15. It'll be getting a serious brake upgrade, and an RB26, and some new coilovers in coming weeks :) So hello to you all! Watch the for sale section for interesting bits of car which I wont need with that work being done...
  3. D


    Few of us off to japfest uk this day week lookin forword too it and seeing nicelys beast!
  4. channie

    WTB: Needed S15 Aero or aftermarket front bumper

    My front has been fibre glassed for the last time!!!!! Looking for either a bumbper like Nicelys or any other after market one... dont care about colour! Cheers