1. ChrisKnottIns

    Virtual Show & Shine

    Thanks to those of you who've entered our Virtual Show & Shine on Social Media. Much appreciated and great to see your cars! best, Nick
  2. M

    FS: Evo 7 Recaros and Bride rails for sale

    So I was saving these for when I got a posh 180SX or S15 but I don't think it'll be happening for a while if at all. Instant bolt in uplift to the interior of any S Body. They need a bit of a clean and one has a little nick in, but isn't noticeable when they're fitted...
  3. J

    WTB: stock s15 injectors

    I am after stock s15 injectors in good nick. Thanks Regards
  4. A

    FS: Standard S15 Parts and Plugs For Sale (AUS)

    Full Set S15 Coilpacks, one seems to get a bit iffy when hot, other 3 are mint, from S15 with 90k's. $120 for all 4. Jap Spec S15 Stock Dump and Front Pipe, good nick, $60 the pair. Jap Spec S15 Radiator, Good Nick, few bent fins but no issues/cracks/leaks etc. $50. Standard S15 BOV with...
  5. Adam L

    FS: S15 ORC Single Plate clutch kit

    I was going to fit this but decided not to In the end as I didn't have the time. I've tried to be as comprehensive as possible with pictures. the clutch Is In pretty good nick and will handle 400bhp, so the asking price will be £300 plus postage.
  6. Adam L

    FS: S15 ORC Single Plate Clutch kit

    I was going to fit this but decided not to In the end as I didn't have the time. I've tried to be as comprehensive as possible with pictures. the clutch Is In.pretty good nick to be fair so the ssking price will be £300 plus postage.
  7. NICKO

    WTB: Z32 afm

    Im after a Z32 AFM for the S15, must be genuine and in near new or new condition dont need the harness/plug. cheers, NICK :)
  8. 2

    FS: blitz nur spec

    hi as above have cat back blitz nurspec with bung god nick need a polish but thats it sold to the man below
  9. B

    FS: S15 Rear Lights

    Pair of standard S15 tail lights in perfect condition £50 plus £10 postage to most of the UK or collect from West London Regards Nick
  10. B

    DRV meter-what is it?

    As above Can anybody tell me what it does exactly? Mine appears to basically be a secondary rev counter but I can't help feeling that there's something more to it A Google search hasn't helped Thanks in advance Nick
  11. simon

    WTB: induction kit

    does anyone have an induction kit in good nick to fit an s15? thanks
  12. sushiming

    Nick S15 spoted in mk

    nick spotted ur S15 in milton keynes today in B & Q but u were no were to be seen looking good but really needing a wash hehe:nod:
  13. T

    I am new and i am looking for some parts

    Hi all I can see i have jouined a very busy forum, currenly 4 people on line - sorry used to being on SXOC where people do not have jobs. Anyway, i joind as i am after: a Z32 AFM and s15 injectors or some nimo 555 PM me if you have any thanks Nick
  14. N

    This might be the one... :)

    What you think...? Going to view on tuesday, then if its all up to scratch, deposit, then buy... Cant wait... Nick
  15. N

    What do you think of this Sleighty...?? Its a nissan sleighty... How rare are these...?? The thing I like about it, is the milage, and the price at the moment... ;) Let me know if you think its a bargain or not, and what they...
  16. N

    Anyone know... Cant find a link too...

    I was browsing on here the other day, and came accross a link to what i think was a UK site, that sold work rims, and buddy club etc... Anyone know what it was, as i cant find it anywhere... Nick
  17. N

    Newbie from Kent

    Hey... Im Nick, and im planning on getting a new car... Now its one or the other, a sexy Honda s2000 or the lovely s15 spec R... Im looking at spending near the bottom of both price ranges which will be around 11k, so im hoping i can get a nice example for that, although I know it will be...